Our products are the highest quality a home can have, with customizable snow guard solutions and snow rail systems that come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than taking away from a building’s appearance, our effective snow guards and snow rail systems can look stylish while getting the job done.


Because TRA Snow and Sun cares about personalizing your snow guard experience for your particular roof, we have built in opportunities for you to configure the perfect product to fit your situation. A professionally engineered snow guard solution is waiting for you to discover it.

Even with perfectly simplified products, it takes some know-how to install a snow guard. TRA Snow and Sun’s snow guards are easy to install, but it’s best if you use one of our snow guard installation guides to help you install them.

For architects looking for a continuing education credit, TRA Snow and Sun’s American Institute of Architects approved course, “Roofing Solutions for Alpine Regions” is sure to help you stay up-to-date on how to best serve communities in our mountainous states.

TRA Snow & Sun – Courses

Let It Snow: Modern Snow Retention Systems – Free Course (

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Just like our snow guards, tile ventilation and flashing solutions come in all different forms, based on what roof you have. And who knows your roof best of all? You do. Configure the perfect product with our quality customization.

Our tile ventilation and flashing options are as easy to install as our other products. However, we’ve included installation guides to make sure that each product is as effective as possible. Make sure to access those when you purchase your tile ventilation and flashing solutions so that you can have the best experience possible with your roof.



Whether additional weatherproofing accessories or solar panel mounting tools, our quality products are made to be personalized. Find the right solution for your home today.

When it comes to something like solar panels, you need to make sure that you are addressing installation, mounting, and protection correctly. Whether you are installing snow guards for your solar panels or simply looking for a better way to mount them, using our installation guides for accessories is going to yield the best results.


Engineering is a crucial part of each type of snow guard and snow rails system we sell so every system gets a specific engineering review. It is vital to our customers to have a product that is engineered. If the design fails or our products fail, then that product could fall onto the people or property that you are trying to protect. Ensure your next project is done right and with utmost focus on safety.