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TRA Snow and Sun was originally named TRA Snow Brackets when it was founded by Terry Anderson, the owner of Anderson Associates Consulting, in 1996. Although he had years of experience solving roof problems, it wasn’t until Anderson traveled to snowy areas of Europe that he finally discovered how to prevent damage caused by snow and ice sliding off roofs: snow guards. Learning that the European solutions were very different from standard practices in the US, he brought that knowledge back to America and was able to design Snow Brackets™ (also sometimes referred to as snow guards) and Snow Fences (or snow rails systems) for all types of roofs as well as to help establish the concept of cold roof systems in the US.

TRA Snow and Sun’s Snow Retention devices have demonstrated great success in ski resorts such as Beaver Creek, Colorado, Sun Peaks in Canada, and Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Alta, Wyoming.

Our Snow Retention devices, snow guards and snow rail systems, were tested to a fail point by Brigham Young University’s Engineering Department. Using the resulting data, engineers created special charts to determine the number of brackets needed per roofing square based upon the roof pitch and the area’s snow load. Each job benefits from this focus on the specific factors of each roof.

Another product line that was needed in the US, just like snow guards, was flexible roof flashing, which can be molded to the shape of a tile, eliminating the weight and cost of lead flashings. Anderson established partnerships with suppliers and for several years partnered with others to provide roof flashings to North American customers. Now flexible roof flashings are available from his 100% American-owned company – TRA Snow and Sun.

TRA Snow and Sun’s snow guards and other products help provide you with safety from the dangers and expense of sliding snow, ice, and flexible roof flashings which have gained international recognition. Over two decades, our products have been selected by hundreds of satisfied builders and property owners.

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We strive daily to uphold our Mission Statement:

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To offer the highest quality snow retention, solar tile mounting, flexible roof flashing and ventilation products made from superior materials that provide the ultimate in protection, durability and dependability.

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We strive daily to provide customized service, exceptional engineering, superior manufacturing, and resourceful solutions for each customer, focusing on the unique requirements of each project.

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Our team is united, innovative and dedicated. Each employee pursues excellence in each company endeavor and realizes that maintaining the good reputation that took decades to establish depends on them.

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We are not content to simply be successful, but strive to set new and higher standards in all that we do.

Engineered Solutions - they make all the difference!

Company owner, Terry Anderson, and his employees make sure that all customers get the help they need on each of their projects, big or small. What sets TRA Snow and Sun apart from others is our focus on engineering entire systems. Engineered Solutions – they make all the difference!

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