Utility Clamp-on


Secure Attachment

No Set Screws

No Panel Penetration

Used on: Standing Seam Metal Roofs


• Available for all rib types including: Double Lock, Single Lock,  1″ Snap Lock, and 1-3/4″ Snap Lock

• Allows for full installation without any penetration of the roof surface

• 3/8” Dia X 1-3/4” or 2” carriage bolt (2)

Are you struggling to find a solution that will help mount to a standing seam roof?  Our system is quick and easy to install and protects your roofing product without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

TRA’s Utility Clamp is the perfect application when doing: light fixtures, condensate lines, fascias, antennas, roof walkways, HVAC equipment, cabling, equipment screens, signs, banners, electrical conduit, stack/flue bracing and more!

TRA Snow and Sun’s Utility Clamp-on’s are recognized for their quality and strength.   Our Utility Clamp-on fits most standing seam profiles using a safe, reliable, and attractive design.  Our exclusive attachment system, using under-the-hem clamping and bolting, provides superior strength while maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.  And we are pleased to say that they are manufactured in the USA.


Length: 4.45″

Width: 1.24″

Height: Varies based on seam profile


• Steel: 3/16” (ASTM A36)

Colors/ Finishes

• Mill finish steel (Raw)

• Zinc plated steel

Product (Downloads)