See The New Snow Bracket I – Apex In Vegas At METALCON, Booth #531!

October 18- 20, 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center

Join us at METALCON in Las Vegas with a FREE PASS! Attend METALCON 2017 for FREE! Swing by to see TRA Snow & Sun at Booth #531. Pick up your badge at ‘Will Call’ by REGISTERING ONLINE, or download the free trade show pass and register on-site. See you in Las Vegas!



Stop by, meet some of our TRA team Wednesday from 12 PM – 6 PM, Thursday from 12 PM – 6 PM & Friday from 10 AM – 1 PM.

We’re excited to see you at METALCON and share with you the new snow retention and solar mounting products and ideas TRA is working on!

Stop by TRA’s booth (#531) at Metalcon and see the new Snow Bracket I – Apex displayed on a metal corrugated roof. The Snow Bracket I – Apex works on both new or retrofit construction. 

Snow Bracket I (Crest) – Apex

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FREE PASS to Join Us at METALCON, Booth #531

October 18- 20, 2017

Las Vegas Convention Center

Join us at METALCON in Las Vegas with a FREE PASS! Attend METALCON 2017 for FREE! Swing by to see TRA Snow & Sun at Booth #531. Pick up your badge at ‘Will Call’ by REGISTERING ONLINE, or download the free trade show pass and register on-site. See you in Las Vegas!



Stop by, meet some of our TRA team Wednesday from 12 PM – 6 PM, Thursday from 12 PM – 6 PM & Friday from 10 AM – 1 PM.

We’re excited to see you at METALCON and share with you the new snow retention and solar mounting products and ideas TRA is working on!

If you have questions about what type of solar mounting would be best for any roofing situation please stop by our booth and we would love to help!

If you have questions about what type of snow retention would be best for your roofing situation please stop by our booth and we would love to help!

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Game Winning Option!







The Atlanta Falcons are off to a great football season with a 3-0 winning record and will battle the Buffalo Bills this Sunday in Atlanta.  As you watch the game from your comfy home you know you’re safe and protected from dangerous weather.
What about if you attended the game in person?  How safe are you?

The Falcons’ new $1.5 billion Mercedes Benz Stadium uses TRA Snow Retention on its roof to keep fans safe in the event of a snowstorm (yes, Atlanta does get snow!) 

Just as the world-class Falcons prepare for the possibility of an incoming storm of opponents, the stadium has also prepared for all possibilities and so should you.

Keeping snow and ice from avalanching off a roof requires a system of superior strength.  When strength really does matter to save lives and prevent damage to property, how does a home or business owner know what snow retention product is strong enough?

How does someone decide what product measures up?

How does one decide the best method of installing a safe and reliable roof snow retention system?

If your answer to these questions is, “I can find that out.  I’ll just look it up online under building codes or ask my roofing contractor.” 

Well, good luck.

There are NO codes for roof snow retention!  None.  Nil.  Nada.  (Our owner, Terry Anderson, is serving on a committee right now to finally establish standards.  Watch for updates on this in the future!)  If a contractor starts sitting codes or standards, be wary.  The contractor might have his own standards, and we sure hope they all do, but there are no national or international standards for snow retention.

This makes it very important for owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to take extra care when designing a snow retention system. At TRA Snow & Sun, we seek to offer high-quality snow retention devices ENGINEERED for the unique snow & ice and building conditions relative to each specific project.

Snow retention as a science has emerged as a technological know-how for human safety. The laws of physics have to be used when holding back lots of destructive snow and ice. Annual assets and personal damage from destructive sliding snow and ice is in the millions, however, the price of a human life is incalculable.  If someone dies as a result of no snow retention or faulty snow retention, the liability threat to household owners and business proprietors is astronomical.

By retaining snow on the roof of a building and allowing even snow melt-off, injuries to residents/guests and property below the roof of a building can be avoided, saving money and limiting the possibility of personal loss. By installing snow retention you can:

  • Prevent danger to residents and guests.
  • Prevent costly roof and property damage.
  • Maintain safe access, keeping entrances/walkways free of snow and ice.
  • Promote energy efficiency by retaining snow which is a good insulation blanket.
  • Trust in the best with the highest quality snow retention devices.

How does one avoid the potential pitfalls to a bad snow retention product?

It can get perplexing with several hundreds of different snow guard types and designs to consider from. With a TRA snow retention system, you know you’re safe because we have gone through extensive product testing. Our products are built to last to the fail point of the snow retention system, not just the product. Unlike other plastic type snow guards that turn yellow and fail over time, TRA’s snow retention systems are superior in strength. Our superior snow retention is designed to manage snow migration on any type of roofing is made of stainless steel or brass.

plastic vs TRA


In simple terms, a first-rate snow retention product coupled with a reliable and safe FREE engineered spacing layout will help lessen the legal responsibility related to the unexpected slid of snow and ice from roofs. All requesting clients can receive free engineered layouts within 2 working days for each project’s specific requirements. For a free layout, data sheets, specs & quote contact us at 855-542-1861.

Use The Prefect Retrofit Snow Guard Bracket H – Classic or Apex For Snow Retention

One of my older relatives used to say, when confronted with a dilemma, “What to do, what to do….”  It made me chuckle!

But, this phrase describes a dilemma for people confronted with snow and ice avalanching off their already installed roof.  They want to keep the snow up there

snow clips, snow guards, snow bracket

rather than down there

Snow Avalanche Off A RoofFalling Snow in Park City, UT

but what is the best solution?

First of all, retrofit is similar as well as different from new construction.  Basic questions need to be answered for new and retrofit construction.

  • What is the slope?
  • What is the snowload in the area?
  • What type of roofing product is being used?
  • What type of sheathing is under the roofing material?

For retrofit, snow retention installers don’t have the luxury of applying the snow retention devices as the roofing material is installed in a new project.  This is when “What to do, what to do…” might be heard under their breath!

How do you keep snow and ice from falling off while also maintaining a water-tight system when the roofing is already on the roof?  How hard is it to do this?

Contractors need a simple and effective solution.

For asphalt shingles, simulated shake, and other similar roofs, using TRA’s Snow Bracket H – Classic or Apex, there is no need to pull back the headlap to install a device. Butyl or caulking can be applied on the surface of the roofing product, then the bracket is installed directly into the sheathing using screws.  A clip is then placed over the screws.

Snow Bracket H – Apex


Snow Bracket H – Classic

Easy. Effective.

The reason this system will work on retrofit is because TRA’s engineering is done using the specific factors as mentioned above.  When installed using the engineered layout, the roof will now hold back the snow and ice that would have fallen off, damaging people or property below.

At TRA Snow and Sun, we help you find an Engineered Solution.  Call us for a free layout, provided within 2 working days.

Snow Bracket H – Classic or Apex

Designed for most roof types

Available with or without fastener cover clip

Can be powder-coated to match roofing material

Available in 16 g steel, 48 oz copper, 26 g Cor-Ten, 16 ga stainless steel, .063″ aluminum

Finishes – Electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, mill finish aluminum, copper or Cor-Ten

Power-coating available in many colors.

Meet Us at International Roofing Expo, Booth 2469

March 1-3, 2017

Mandalay Bay Convention Resort

Join us at the International Roofing Expo in Las Vegas! We will be there at Booth 2469.

Stop by, meet some of our TRA team Wednesday from 11 AM – 5 PM, Thursday from 11 AM – 5 PM & Friday from 11 AM – 3 PM.

Sale Team Edit Pic

We’re excited to see you at IRE and share with you the new snow retention and solar mounting products and ideas TRA is working on!

If you have questions about what type of solar mounting would be best for any roofing situation please stop by our booth and we would love to help!

If you have questions about what type of snow retention system would be best for your roofing situation please stop by our booth and we would love to help!

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When Does Your Roof Need Snow Retention?

Are you hearing loud noises coming from your roof?

This can be a sign that snow is sliding.  Beware the next time you open the door to go outside especially if your door opens where snow falls.  Deaths have occurred when snow slippage is imminent and someone slams a door.  Just the vibration creates an avalanche.

Are you noticing large pieces of ice and/or snow coming off in big chunks?

Are pieces of your gutter coming off with ice at the eave?  Ice is a heavy and powerful factor in gutters becoming disconnected from the structure.

Are there high spots of snow and ice piled at the eave line on the ground?  This might mean that snow or ice has come off that place during the winter.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, continue reading.

People die due to snow and ice sliding off roofs. This is extremely tragic and often avoidable. Use roof snow retention for these reasons:

  1.  Damage/Injury – People and property can be struck by snow and ice falling from the roof. Property damage and injuries, even deaths can occur when snow is not properly retained on a roof.
  2.  Limited Access – Entrances to buildings can be blocked by snow and ice that falls from a roof.
  3.  Roof Damage – When snow and ice masses slide off a roof, costly damage occurs.

It is especially important to install snow retention above:

  • entryways
  • walkways
  • gathering spots
  • parking lots
  • drive-through areas
  • expensive landscaping
  • ground mounted mechanical
  • roof protrusions such as plumbing vents

Can Your Building Support the Weight of Snow Retention?

You might wonder if your roof can support the weight of snow and ice staying on the roof. If your home is less than 40 years old, the answer is probably yes.

During the 1970-80’s, most states adopted building codes that required structures to support the weight of the building materials (dead load) and the weight of the snow, ice, water, people, etc. (live load). By the year 2000, international building codes were universally adopted with similar standards. So, if the structure was built post 1975, you are unlikely to have any structural problems when keeping snow on the roof (it also helps insulate your roof, saving heating costs!).


Could An Urban Roof Avalanche Affect You?



In the next couple of days, a wintry mix could make things dicey on the mountains and even in your neighborhoods. That’s why avalanche forecasters are urging caution. Nicole Vowell reports from KSL Channel 5 New.



To help avoid such avalanche conditions there are several factors that one must evaluate when determining if a particular building requires a snow retention system.

The first question you should pose is “What would happen if snow slides off the roof?”

The second question is “Do we care?”

When snow slides off of a roofing surface, it can come crashing down or slide off and then piles up on whatever is below the edge of the roof. Snow retention is frequently used to protect landscaping around the perimeter of the building, to protect guttering systems around the edge of the roof, and to keep snow from piling either on a lower roof level or decks, sidewalks and at garage entrances. If nothing below the roof can be damaged by this avalanche of snow and ice, it may be best to let the snow and ice slide off unhindered.

However, what if what is below the roof could be damaged?


During the winter months, as snow accumulates on your home, gravity will begin to pull it down the slope of your roof. There are many reasons this can be harmful to your home or even dangerous. In worst structural cases, this can lead to damage to costly gutter systems, structural damage to lower roof levels, and even destruction of mature landscaping around the perimeter of a home.

Low-slope roofs with parapet walls naturally keep snow and ice on the roof. On a sloped roof, however, large chunks of snow and ice can slide off as the snow melts. Avalanching snow is probable on roofing systems with a steep enough slope and/or a low coefficient of friction. This is especially dangerous for pedestrians walking below.


There are many types of roofing materials, each has advantages and disadvantages and each should be considered when determining the placement of snow retention on the building.

When considering whether to install a snow retention system on your roof, you may first want to consider what type of roof you have. Will your roof allow snow to slide? Probably.  In places with heavy snows, like areas in Utah, it is common for snow to slide off of all types of roof systems, leading to heavy ice and snow build up in gutters, which causes damage over time. If you have a metal, tile, slate or membrane roof with a pitch of 1/12 or greater, snow will definitely slide off and cause problems.


TRA snow retention systems are available for all types of roofs and come in a variety of options. The specific snow retention equipment recommended for your roof will depend on the type of roof system installed, the pitch of the roof, snow load, sheathing type, how old the building is and budget.

Our snow fences, brackets, and clamps are all types of snow retention systems that prevent large sheets of snow or ice from falling off a pitched roof. The systems hold the snow on the roof so it can gradually melt off, preventing damage to people and objects below.

At TRA Snow and Sun, we engineer and layout each project free of charge using the unique factors specific to your project. TRA Snow and Sun representatives will work with you to design the most efficient snow retention system. We can design your roof to work with a variety of applications. Just give us your project details & we will design your Snow Retention System to fit your project. For more information, call Ben Anderson at TRA Snow and Sun at 800-606-8980,, or visit:                                                                                                           

                                                                    REQUEST A QUOTE


We Wish You a Merry Christmas and We Wish You Safety!


TRA Snow and Sun cares about you.

As a roofing consultant and as a roofing contractor, company founder and president, Terry Anderson, had seen first hand the heartache caused by ice and snow sliding off a roof, sometimes killing people below. He searched all over the world for better ways to prevent such tragedies way back in the early 1990’s.  You can read more about the founding of our company here.

Protecting you has been the goal of both Terry and me from the moment the very first Snow Bracket A was conceptualized.  We are extremely serious about this causing TRA Snow and Sun to always engineer our systems so they don’t fail.

Christmas comes this week and we wish you the happiest of holidays and joyous celebrations even as the US is experiencing the “polar vortex” and the frightening drops in temperature all over the country.  We know from experience what’s coming.  We look outside our window and see frozen everything. It’s inescapable and so are the consequences.

Along with the many best wishes for a happy holiday season,



  • Be careful when you take those lights down in a few weeks.
  • Be wary of gutters that might be slipping away from the eave (caused by ice damming on the roof).
  • Don’t get up on your roof unless absolutely necessary when snow and ice are present, or even frost.
  • Be careful when you slam a door as you exit your house if you don’t have snow retention on your roof!

You and your family are far more important than any task when it’s dangerous out there.  TRA Snow and Sun cares!

                                           We wish you a Merry Christmas!  

                                          We wish you a Happy Hanukkah!

                                             We wish you Happy Holidays!

                                              And we also Wish You Safety!



If so, we can help.


Let us help you when you need to protect from falling snow and ice.  Our engineered layouts are always FREE and so is our assistance designing your snow retention system.  Call us at 855-542-1861.


Why is Metal Snow Retention Better Than Plastic?

Every once in a while a customer will ask us why they should purchase our metal snow retention rather than the plastic ones they see. We typically don’t like plastic snow guards for many reasons.

The first reason is because of the type of adhesive used to attach plastic snow guards. Through our testing, we have found that failure exists when freeze-thaw temperature is introduced to the adhesive.
The second reason, they crack and deteriorate when continuously exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light (UV). See the images below.
The third reason, manufacturers don’t warranty failure when the plastic snow guards pull apart from the adhesive.
From all of these reasons this why metal snow retention is a much wiser choice!


plastic vs TRA

TRA Metal Clamp-On vs Plastic Guards


Most plastics eventually become brittle when exposed to the sun.

Because of its tough nature, metal can withstand the sun’s destructive UV rays. Over time plastic will crack and deteriorate when continuously exposed to the sun.


Cracked, Brittle and Broken “Plastic Snow Guards”


TRA’s metal snow retention systems are attached securely using a variety of durable and strong mechanical methods.

Unlike metal, plastic snow guards are usually attached to a roof using caulking, which is likely to fail for the following reasons:

  • If the roof is dirty or wet when installing this makes the adhesive not adhere properly. When have you ever seen a truly clean roof?
  • More common than not snow guards are installed at temperatures below 40 degrees.
  • Caulking cure time can be more than 30 days above 40 degrees.
  •  Over time plastic will crack & deteriorate when continuously exposed to the sun UV.


1 rail snow guard for metal roof

TRA C21Z Clamp-On with Ice Flags 


Unlike plastic, metal lasts.

Plastic snow retention manufacturers generally do not warranty the attachment just plastic snow guard. If a plastic snow guard fails, the architect or contractor becomes liable for the damage to property /or human life.

Next time you are near a roof with plastic snow guards, see if any are missing and let us know!

We recommend only metal snow retention because we know it can properly protect those in and around your home. For extra protection, we engineer from the sheathing up with the fastener and provide a warranty on the entire snow retention system. Before installation, we engineer a specific layout to see that the system is exactly what you need for your specific location and weather. Contact us with any of your project details and we’ll provide you with the best snow defense system that’ll get you ready for winter.


A Sneak Peak of the Most Amazing People!

From time to time we, at TRA Snow and Sun, run across
the most AMAZING people and when we do…



TRA Snow and Sun is doing great thanks to an incredible team, our dedication to customer service, manufacturing top-notch products and our wonderful customers! We are 100% American – all products are made right here in the Good Ole US of A! We weathered the downturn in construction and have come out on the other side better than ever.

Our team members are constantly learning and applying their knowledge to our products, procedures and service. A large portion of our office personnel have college degrees, some have graduate degrees! Most attend seminars, webinars and trainings consistently throughout the year. That results in a highly informed, dedicated staff and improved company processes.

imag3202Lisa to Left (Production Manager) & Connie to Right (Accounts Receivable/Shipping) – Making sure your Orders are Shipped in a timely manner. A close look to our busy season in shipping. Go Team!!




Roger – Overseeing and Running the Plasma Cutter for our Snow Retention Products. Watch out as those sparks are flying.





imag3195Ryan and Krissy – in the Solar area assembling the popular Solar Tile Mount together for a flush mounted system.




imag3191Bart (Machinist) – Testing out and setting up the Accurpress that stamps both our Solar and Snow Retention Products. Our Solar Products have been dominating this machine.




Julio – Making sure quality is met. You can usually find him forming or stamping our Snow Retention Product lines.





imag3183John (Left) and Koy (Right) assembling a raw order of Clamp-on’s for Snow Retention in the paint booth area. Wow, one order without paint which is at times rare.


Thanks to you, our customers

tra snow and sun

The first goal I had when establishing TRA was to prevent injury and needless death to people by creating snow guards that would not fail.  I wanted to be sure dangerous avalanches of snow and ice could be stopped by engineering each snow retention project.  That original objective of safe, dependable, complete systems has carried over to all products we manufacture – solar mounting products, flexible ventilation and snow retention.  Thank-you for your trust in us as we work with you to continue this paramount objective of safety and dependability.

I hope that we are doing a good job in our mission:

  • To offer the highest quality snow retention, solar mounting systems, flexible roof flashing and ventilation products made from superior materials that provide the ultimate in protection, durability and dependability.
  • We strive daily to provide customized service, exceptional engineering, superior manufacturing, and resourceful solutions for each customer, focusing on the unique requirements of each project.
  • Our team is united, innovative and dedicated. Each employee pursues excellence in each company endeavor and realizes that maintaining the good reputation that took decades to establish depends on them.
  • We are not content to simply be successful, but strive to set new and higher standards in all that we do.

As the owner of TRA Snow and Sun, I am responsible for the quality of our products, the service to our customers, and the care of our employees.  Each of these things is supremely important to me, but none are possible without YOU.  The customized service that we provide is dependent on YOU, our customer, working closely with us to engineer systems which are superior and dependable.  Each project is unique and we appreciate your efforts to make your individual project the best possible.

In this time of Thanksgiving, I thank YOU for the opportunity to provide the world with dependable roofing systems.  Thank YOU for your partnership and your trust in TRA Snow and Sun.

Please contact me at any time.  I welcome your suggestions and ideas.

Terry E. Anderson



Featured Spotlight “Snow Retention – D Bracket”

 Snow Bracket D

Snow Bracket™ D

A question once asked – On the roofs of many houses, along the eave, there are…best as I can describe it… shaped thingies. I’ve seen others that look octagonal and yet others that are round. I’ve seen them on steep roofs and not-so-steep roofs. My bank even has them. They look great, but do they do anything? 

The answer is yes. What you’re talking about are called snow guards for retaining snow on the roof. When snow and ice accumulate on the roof, they are pulled by gravity and want to slide down the slope of the roof. A well-designed snow retention system is intended to hold the snow on the roof so that it can melt in place.

At TRA Snow and Sun, we engineer and manufacture over 54+ variations of snow guards, and always welcome custom pieces made just for your roofing project. Yes, 54 may seem a lot, right? And your right it is, and here’s why – every roof design can be complex and is different from material, slope, shape, size, pitch, valleys, etc.., and ground snow loads vary significantly from one area to another. This is why we make several different engineered (from the fail point of the system) snow guards tailored to each unique roof designs for every roof type, new or existing, and in many styles that differ in form and function.

trasnowandsun, snow retention, solar mounting systemsSecure Attachment

trasnowandsun, snow retention, solar mounting systemsSuperior Strength

trasnowandsun, snow retention, solar mounting systemsVariety of Material Types


snow clips, snow guards, snow bracket

Our first featured spotlight for this month is our unique Snow Guard Bracket D. The Snow Bracket™ D, a permanent snow retention system that is aesthetically pleasing on asphalt shingle roofs. Choose between a vast array of painted powdered colors, available in standard mill finish of steel, copper or aluminum. The Snow Guard Bracket D fastens to roof sheathing to any new construction of an asphalt shingled roof.

Asphalt shingle roofs very common in the United States and it is important you have a Snow Bracket™ that fits the roof type you are installing the product one.

  Snow Bracket™ D

snow bracket d snow guardSnow-Bracket-D Maple-leafSnow-Bracket-D Sunburst



Length: 10″
Width: 1 3/16″
Height: 3″


• Steel : 16 ga (ASTM A879)
• Copper : 48 oz (ASTM B152)
• Aluminum : .063″ (H32-ASTM B209)


• Electro-galvanized (Paintlock*) steel
• Hot-dipped galvanized steel
• Mill finish Aluminum
• Mill finish Copper
• Powder coating available in many Colors

*We can provide Paintlock brackets unpainted BUT they must be painted before installing or rusting will occur. Also, available with attachments see images to the left with Maple & Sunburst.

Custom Designs and Engineering

At TRA Snow and Sun, we engineer and lay out each project free of charge using many factors specific to your roof. We then provide you with the snow retention plan, layout and product detail. TRA Snow and Sun representatives will work with you to design the most efficient snow retention system. Fill out our Snow Retention Checklist to get started.


All Snow Brackets have been tested from the fail point of the system.