Why Keep Snow on Your Roof?

November 14th, 2013

Common roof architecture of homes in snow regions typically something look like the traditional A-frame or at the least has very steep angles and sides.  This is due to the mistaken belief that steep roofs are best because you want to shed snow off the roof, thereby making the entire home safer and less at risk to snow or water damage.

But the truth is far different!  At TRA Snow and Sun, we have a fundamentally different belief from the traditional view in that we KNOW that keeping the snow on the roof is far safer for both the home and those who live in the home.Snow Retention 1

The process of keeping snow on the roof of a home is called snow retention.  Snow retention can offer a wide range of advantages to a home owner, including the following:

  • Accumulated snow on the roof serves to further insulate the home, cutting costs on heating and protecting the home from periods of bitter cold.
  • Keeping the snow on the roof means less damage to the roof itself.  When snow and ice move down a roof and eventually fall from it, the damage to the roof can be severe.  One needs only to think of the effect of glaciers on mountains to understand the destructive power that moving rivers of snow and ice can have.
  • When snow does fall from the roof, it can be extremely dangerous to persons below.
  • Snow retention allows for an even snow melt off during the spring.