TRA Snow and Sun’s solar mounting systems include ground mount solar racking, solar panel awnings, ballasted solar racking, and more. The energy consumption and size of a building, whether commercial or residential, will in large part determine how many solar panels are needed.

But there’s more to solar panel mounts than simply covering the size requirements, TRA Snow & Sun provides a wide range of mounts from solar awning solutions to solar ground mounts. While the solar panels themselves are important, they cannot function properly without the right mount. These mounts will be the basis for your solar energy, make sure it’s a strong foundation you can build from.

All solar panel mounts produced by TRA Snow & Sun are: easy to install, manufactured in the United States, corrosion-resistant, and durable.

Take a further look below at our solar mount products. Click further to learn more about each type of mount, and how they can be used.

  • Mid and End Clamp Assemblies

    You asked for it, and you got it! TRA Snow and Sun listens when our customers tell us how we can improve our solar mounting products.

    The latest innovation – Mid and End Clamp Assemblies which make attaching panels to the power rail so much easier!

    It’s a pretty simple “Pop In – Tighten – DONE” process!

    We’ve eliminated the need for:

    • Multiple bolt sizes
    • Several installation steps
    • Assembling multiple parts while on the roof. Now they come pre-assembled!

    ONE Assembly! Put together before it’s shipped to you.

    You’ll save so much time and eliminate so much frustration by using the new Mid and End Clamp Assemblies.

    In addition, TRA’s new Mid and End Clamps Assemblies are UL rated which means a superior product with consistent and dependable grounding.

  • attaching solar awning to house

    Solar Awning Solution

    TRA Snow and Sun’s Solar Awning Mount is an easy to customize solar awning solution for any project.  Easy to install with both landscape and portrait module orientation.

    Used on: the side of any structure

    • Attaching solar panels to the side of any structure
    • Available in landscape
    • Simple installation
    • Less Parts = Less Expensive
    • Provides shade to your windows, sidewalks, or structure below.
    • Keeps the solar panels cooler and more efficiency with constant airflow beneath the panels.

  • solar energy

    Solar Ballasted Solution

    Used on: Flat Roofs

    • Designed to meet wind uplift, sheer and download requirements
    • Pre-assembled frames
    • East/West roof compatible
    • Superior grounding
    • Custom – Designed and engineered for each site to meet your specific project requirements.
    • 25 Year Warranty
    • Quick Installation – Minimal assembly

  • metal roof solar

    Solar Elevated Solution

    Used on: asphalt shingles, standing seam metal, slate, simulated slate, shake wood shake, tile and more.

    • Pre-assembled frames

    • East/West roof compatible

    • Superior grounding

  • solar installation on asphalt shingles

    Solar Flush Mount – Shingles, Slate, etc.

    Used on: asphalt shingle, standing seam metal, slate, simulated slate, shake, wood shake, and more.

    • Minimal roof penetrations
    • Won’t void roof manufacturer’s warranty
    • Meets or exceeds roofing industry best practices
    • Flashings available to meeting roofing code requirments

  • stanidng seam metal roof solar

    Solar Flush Mount – Standing Seam Metal

    Used on: Standing Seam Metal Roofs

    • Custom made to fit the standing seam profile
    • Ensure that it will not pull off the rib/seam
    • UV and Rust protection
    • 25 Year Warranty

  • ground mount solar

    Solar Ground Mount Solutions

    The Ground Mount Solution is a low profile, aesthetically pleasing system ideal for quick installation.

    • Quick Installation – Minimal assembly
    • Adjustable Module Layout – Landscape or portrait (Fits all types of solar panels)

  • Solar Tile Hook

    Used on: Tile Roofs

    • Available for flat, mid and high profile.

    • Adjustable for secure attachment to the structural member of the roof.