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TRA Snow & Sun offers a variety of aluminum and copper roof flashing and roof ventilation products, including TileVent, TileSeal, and VersaFlash. Roof flashing and roof ventilation go hand in hand, both being instrumental in protecting your home.

Big problems in the attic often come from weather-related sources or plumbing problems, both of which are fueled by a poorly ventilated roof. Having your roof properly flashed and ventilated beforehand can help prevent these problems.

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TRA Snow & Sun designing a snow guard plan


Our products are the highest quality a homeowner can have, with custom snow guards and snow rail systems that come in all shapes and sizes. Rather than taking away from a building’s appearance, our effective snow guards and snow rail systems can look stylish while getting the job done.

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We are an easy to work with team, and our focus is on providing homes with snow guard solutions through a cost-effective and convenient process. When you use our snow guards and snow rail systems, you guarantee that any home is going to be protected with the utmost care and professional quality. 

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With our snow guard installation guide and quality snow rail systems designed by expert engineers who take into account every type of roof and home, “doing it yourself” is definitely possible if that’s the route you want to take.

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From our individualized care to our stellar services and products, TRA Snow and Sun strives to be above the competition when it comes to caring for the customer. We understand how crucial even the simplest of snow guards can be for home safety and for the safety of your family. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and we want to create what is best for you. Some of our products include snow guards, metal roof snow bars, roof snow fences, metal roof accessories, & metal roof snow stops. 


Our products steal the show whenever it comes to quality and durability. Some snow guards run the risk of scraping paint off your roof or otherwise damaging the surface; our snow guards are designed to fit your roof smoothly, with no friction or disruption. 


 This isn’t just a promise for a product we found somewhere else. We made these snow guards and the snow rail systems. That’s why we know them so well, and we can say with confidence that our snow guards are the best choice for your home.


 If you have a tricky roof, you might have found out with other items, such as solar panels, that an engineered solution is far preferable to an off-the-shelf fix. Our snow guards can protect your roof because we look at each problem with an innovative eye, not just as something that’s  one-size-fits-all. 


And we aren’t just telling you our product is great. We’ve tested, double tested, and perfected our products. Our snow guards have been tested, tried, and proven by countless users and  engineers to ensure that they are the best quality snow rail systems we can offer.

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Our products have seen success in all sorts of different environments across the states. Snow guards are protecting roofs across the nation, and we are likely helping families in your state. We can ship anywhere, and we have snow rail systems that were made just for you. 



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Snow Retention


We’re not just about business; we’re about style. Our snow guards, snow fences, snow breaks, snow dams, snow slides and snow rail systems come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors, so that they can seamlessly blend with the style of your roof.  Ask about how we specialize in metal roofs!


If you live in an area with a regular heavy snowfall, you have probably heard people talking about a lot of different snow damage prevention methods. Essentially, that's what snow guards are: snow retention system options that specifically protect your roof and residential home from snow damage by ensuring snow melts in small amounts rather than sliding off your roof in dangerous quantities. They come in many shapes and sizes, but TRA Snow and Sun creates snow retention systems that don’t damage your roof and are easy to install. They face the problem of heavy snowfall with high-strength material and tested durability. Snow retention systems are a simple addition to your home, don’t cost a lot of money, and will protect you from snow damage in the long run.

One of the major reasons to choose to install snow guards is if you have a metal roof. Because metal roofs have slicker and harder surfaces than shingle roofs, they provide more surface area for heavy, dense snow loads to form. When you install metal roof snow guards on a metal or corrugated roof, you are protecting yourself from snow loads that can damage your roof and slide off your rooftop to hurt anyone walking below. Metal roof snow guards are a large part of what TRA Snow and Sun provides, and we work with you to find high-bar metal roof snow guards designed for your particular metal roof.

Installing metal snow guards (also known as snow cleats or snow birds) can be a simple process if you follow our written installation guides and regulations. We work hard to make sure that adding metal snow guards is a simple installing task that can be achieved by any homeowner. While we work with architects and designers to provide metal snow guards to install on new builds, you don't have to be a professional to use our products. So, anyone can install metal snow guards on their roof surface. However, you need to make sure to follow our instructions carefully to avoid damage to your roof surface when the clamps take hold.

If you are looking at adding snow guards in your home, you might have noticed that all of our options are some sort of metal. We don't offer plastic snow guards. Installing plastic snow guards does not ensure the long lasting protection that the metal snow guards we offer do. Plastic is more likely to warp and lose holding strength over time and exposure to ice, while the other materials we use will last you for a very long time. Because we are looking for quality above everything else in the products we offer, plastic doesn’t meet our high bar. And we don’t play around with imperfect materials.

Snow guards should not just be a practical necessity. Since they will be visible on your roof at a close distance, TRA Snow and Sun decided that our snow guards would have style. To find the right style snow guards for you, you can visit our gallery and see the different styles we have. Particularly, the snow guard brackets we offer come in many different styles and shapes, from pine trees and moose to simple mounts with screws, depending on what style you want on your roof. We also offer different styles, like pad style snow guards and snow fences, so you can choose the best snow retention style without fail for your particular roof.

TRA Snow and Sun has a specific passion, and we set the bar high for ourselves. We want to help homes in locations with heavy snowfall and we want to protect homes from heat exposure. Ventilation and flashing products fall into the latter category. For specific roofs, when a heat wave hits it can penetrate your roof and cause damage and danger to your overall home. Adhesive seals around specific locations on your roof, like a chimney, can expand in the heat and this can lead to leaks and other water damage problems in your attic and other areas. TRA Snow and Sun provides roof panel ventilation and flashing that dispels the specific heat build-up in your home and protects seals from expansion in changing temperatures.

Most of our ventilation and flashing products can be described as a primarily adhesive-based solution, rather than requiring mechanical attaching. Flashing and sealant helps seal areas where leaks can be caused by expanding hot air. Since each roof is different, providing rolls of adhesive flashing material that’s not mechanically attached can help with even the most unique and customized homes. Mechanically attached options are available for ventilation, though. Ridge risers are mechanically attached to your roof to enhance ventilation, but even though they are mechanically attached, they still have flexibility when it comes to installation.

There are many places where seams cause problems on roofs. Standing seams are simply places where the roof panel is joined together by some sort of mechanical attachment, like a concealed fastener system. On a standing seam metal roof, these seams are defined by the section’s structure and how it fits into the sections around it. Whether your roof has standing seams or just a chimney with seams around it, anywhere there are seams, there is a chance for a leak. To avoid leaks around the seams of your roof, particularly a metal roof, make sure to use our flashing products and seal the seams with additional security.

When you think of products that provide security and help maintain heat and cooling balance in your roof, usually your mind will go to complex examples before a simple fix. It might be surprising to you that many of the snow guard brackets TRA Snow and Sun use attach to your roof with a simple clamp. And it gets even easier. There aren’t even clamps involved in the structures that we use for ventilation and flashing products. Instead of clamps, we use simple installation techniques such as adhesive sealing tools that won’t peel and easy application flat nailing boards. From clamps to nails to simple adhesive, our products go the extra mile when it comes to thoughtful convenience.

Plastic isn’t durable when it’s faced with snow and heat. That’s why TRA Snow and Sun doesn’t use plastic snow guard brackets, and we don’t use plastic flashing products, either. Instead of using plastic, our flashing adhesive rolls are made from aluminum or copper, which is much more reliable than plastic and provides a certainty of sealing that plastic just can't provide. We use durable materials to make sure that your roof will be protected for a very long time after purchasing TRA Snow and Sun products. Our mission is to provide you with quality solutions that don’t need a constant check; plastic, in flashing and ventilation at least, just doesn't do the trick.

At TRA Snow and Sun, we consult with engineers to find the recommended technical solutions to snow retention. We want to share this information with architects and designers who are aware that homeowners want a house to last. We strive to be accessible through our website email form, phone, and other communication options. And here’s one thing to learn about us: we really want to share information about our products. After you click on any one of our items, you will see lists of information about the design, material, and use. If this information isn't enough, click on our contact us and send us an email for more data. When we get emails from architects and designers, we connect with them individually and start to answer all their questions.

How a home looks commonly affects the owner’s satisfaction concerning their new home. Because of this, many architects and designers can be hesitant to go all in on safety components, particularly if these safety measures are clunky or unattractive on the home. However, TRA Snow and Sun understands that design is key to an architect or designer’s goals. Because of this, our collection offers snow brackets for all different kinds of roofs in all different shapes, sizes, and colors that still perform their function. We have different styles of brackets to purchase, including pine trees and more fun designs for a personal touch on the roof, but we also have very minimal brackets, which can effectively blend into a roof and mostly avoid detection all together.

Architects and designers are constantly having to keep in mind best practices for dozens of different types of materials and structures, while catering to the client's desires and finding a way to connect a dream to reality in an ever-evolving market. To install safety measures, an architect or designer is going to need the process to be simplified, otherwise it will take too much time and be too problematic if the client ever needs to replace the safety measure and install it themselves. Luckily, TRA Snow and Sun takes that into account. When you install our snow prevention systems, it is a simple process to handle that involves either brackets that clamp or rails that are easy to install, whether you have a roof with decking or a metal roof.

When you're working in an environment where the property will be exposed to potential damage from heavy snowfall or volatile weather changes, it's important to keep in mind how best to protect that home after you're done constructing it. To save your work from damage, utilize the snow guards and flashing and ventilation products that TRA Snow and Sun provides. Our business is protecting homes from damage of the elements while calculating what’s the best solution for each customer. With quick installation and minimal presence, our products save homes from damage while giving you freedom to design how you want.

When you're working in an environment where the property will be exposed to potential damage from heavy snowfall or volatile weather changes, it's important to keep in mind how best to protect that home after you're done constructing it. To save your work from damage, utilize the snow guards and flashing and ventilation products that TRA Snow and Sun provides. Our business is protecting homes from damage of the elements while calculating what’s the best solution for each customer. With quick installation and minimal presence, our products save homes from damage while giving you freedom to design how you want.