Ways to Winterize your Home

Not many people are exactly made for Arctic winters or living in an igloo. Whether you are ready for it or not, the winter is here and if you haven’t prepared well enough, you will find that the winter is just as miserable as it would be if you were living in an igloo. Here are some winterizing musts for your home!

Trees and shrubs


Your walls may seem like a good blockade, but sometimes they just get pounded with the freezing temperatures and that has a direct impact on the temperatures inside. Trees and shrubs can be a good blockade against the wind and can actually make the area around your house warmer as well.

Plastic on the windows

You have heard it a hundred times, but putting plastic on the window can add more than 5 degrees to your overall temperature. It is well worth the $8 investment you may need to make at home depot. If you don’t want to get the stuff from home depot then you can use your very own plastic from bubble wrap.


This has been used for centuries to keep barns warm for animals and it works great for humans as well. While you may not want to have hay on the inside of your home, there is no reason that you can’t fortify your home from the elements by putting hay around the foundation of your house.

These are just some simple ideas but the best thing you can do is to make sure that your home is insulated and built correctly. Finding any flaws and fixing them as soon as possible will save you a lot on energy. Make sure you take these tips to add a few extra degrees to your home.

photo credit: bill barber via photopin cc