Turn your Home into a Green Home

We all know that using solar panels can help to improve the energy efficiency of our homes, but there is much more than can be done. If you want to save money, and help the environment, there are small but effective ways to do so, starting in your own home. Here are some ways in which you can effectively turn your home into a green, energy efficient home.

Turn down the heat


Ya, we all want to live the life of luxury at 73 degrees, but sometimes that is just not cost efficient and it ultimately wastes energy that is not really necessary. Not only will you find that you are more awake and alert in the mornings when you wake up and its 55 degrees but you will also find that you lose weight just trying to keep your body warm. So turn down the heat and get your workout started just by being in your home.


There is no better way to waste energy than to send it straight out of your house because you don’t have good insulation. It is like having the heater on in your car and having the windows down in the middle of the winter, kind of counterproductive, right? Make sure that you get your place insulated with right company; you could potentially save up to 40% of your heat from escaping to the outside.

There are many other tips to help you save money on energy and keep your house at an optimal efficiency with use of heat and electricity. For instance you can use energy efficient lights or just turn them off when you are not in the room, wash laundry on cold, or just get more efficient appliances. Make sure you are saving money and the planet by being more efficient with your energy use.

photo credit: Ryan R via photopin cc