The Nearly Forgotten Benefits of Snow

Snow is loved by some and hated by most, but those people who despise the winter blizzards may not get as annoyed with the snowfall if they could be reminded of all of the benefits of snow.  That’s right, snow has many benefits to homeowners and whole communities.

Snow provides moisture

The first and obvious benefit of snow for some of the desert states is that the snow pack in the mountains provides water for the hot, dry summer season to come. Other areas (like all of Utah and most of Colorado) depend on winter snows to provide the thriving industry of winter recreation and ski lodges.

Snow benefits soil

Snow in the Woods

But those barely qualify as benefits when people truly understand what else snow does for the earth. The most important role that snow provides is insulation and soil preservation.

Think of it, what is keeping the millions of acres across the United States from turning into dried up, barren, and decayed soil?  The winter snowfall, that’s what.

Without the insulating layer of snowfall that covers much of the United States year after year, the cold temperatures of winter would turn the Great Plains, the Great Lakes region, and much of the high desert of the west into a giant land of barren permafrost like the sections of upper Canada and Russia.

Snow does its job

Of course, there would be a thaw in the spring, but without the snow sheltering the soil with its cover from the freezing temperatures, the ground would become arid and devoid of nutrients, unable to grow most plant life.  Luckily, as can be seen in the prevailing greens of spring time, the snow does its job to protect and nourish (yes, nourish by instilling nitrogen from the atmosphere into the soil) the ground and provide a habitable place for all of us to live.