Spring Snow Storms Break Records

March 20th marked the first day of spring! After a long winter, many people in the United States have eagerly anticipated packing away their winter coats and pulling out some sandals. Unfortunately, it seems that winter didn’t get the memo. Even though we have definitely moved into the spring season, many cities across the nation are still experiencing snow storms.

These late snow storms can easily throw a wrench in weekend plans or just dampen the spirit of those that are anxiously waiting for some reprieve from winter. The New England area experienced three late snowstorms and each of these snow storms dumped a good amount of snow. In the Midwest, cities like Wichita, Kansas experienced record breaking snow fall. From February 20-21 Wichita accrued a huge 14.2 inches of snow.

snow-and-sunMeteorologists blame these late storms on a phenomenon called “atmospheric blocking”. This blocking is caused by warmer air, air with high pressure, is prevalent in the Greenland or eastern Canada region. This force pushes cold artic air down to the United States and prevents the storms from moving quickly across the United States.

So, before you pack away your snow shovels and snow boots, you may want to take a look at the weather report. You probably have just a few more weeks of making sure that your home is equipped to handle new snow safely, don’t give up now! Hold out for just a while longer and then you can sit back and enjoy as springtime actually makes its appearance and starts to melt all of this snow.