Scary Roofing Tale for Halloween told by TRA’s Travis Glenn

Happy Halloween from all of us, but especially from our new Sales Specialist, Travis Glenn, who we feel grateful is still around to work for us!  Here’s Travis’ scary roofing tale, especially for Halloween.

“Two years ago next month I slid three stories off a roof!

I was putting down metal panels in the middle of November. It just rained a little bit. I was a little cocky and didn’t think I needed to be tied off. It was the last panel of the day, and I was beginning to wrap up. Just took a wrong step.

I was using the ribs on the metal sheet of the roof to brace myself for footing but I slipped and scrambled to grab anything I could on the way down. I knew I was going off!

The next thing I knew, I was on the ground screaming in pain.

I thought it was just my foot because I could feel it was broken. My coworkers rolled me over  onto my side, but I was thinking, “Just get me in the truck and I will be okay.”

I felt my pelvis and the pain. So I was like, “I’m so screwed.”

A coworker called for an ambulance, and I was conscious the whole time. They kept asking me if I’d passed out. I said, “No I was there the whole time.” I was laying there waiting for the ambulance in Brigham City, UT. I was working on an old windmill warehouse where they stored their lumber. The foreman of the warehouse was the first one in response to my fall. I broke my pelvis in three places and shattered my right foot. I have some road rash on my head. I got some nerve damage in my lower back.

I can’t but keep feeling how lucky I was. It could have been worse.”

Travis has learned from his experiences!  He now works for TRA Snow and Sun helping customers get engineered snow retention systems, solar mounting and ventilation and flexible flashings for their roofs.

We are kind of happy, in a very Halloweenish, weird way, that this brush with death led Travis to our team!