TileSeal Copper Roll


Easy Installation

Fully Recyclable

25 Year Limited Warranty

Used on: Concrete and Clay Tile Roofs. For new construction and retrofit.


• Corrugated Copper

Standard Colors

• Copper


• Length: 25′

• Width: 9.5″, 11″, 13″, 15.75″


• Highly durable and weather resistant

• Maximum formability and long term functionality

• Fully recyclable

Solid Copper

• Prevents moss and organic build-up on roof surface

Continuous Corrugation

• Stretching factor of 30%

• Conforms to roof surface

• Suitable for hip and ridge application

• Easy installation

• No tools necessary

Butyl Adhesive Sheets

• Additional security against driving rain and snow


• 25 year limited warranty

Product (Downloads)

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