An All-American company since 1996


Engineered Solutions – they make all the difference!
We can say that we care about the customer all we want, but TRA Snow and Sun actually puts their money where their mouth is. Engineered solutions put the customer first and ensure that unique care is given to each project. Our team will engineer the best solution for you and your home.

We strive daily to uphold our Mission Statement:

To offer the highest quality snow retention, flexible roof flashing and ventilation products made from superior materials that provide the ultimate in protection, durability and dependability.

We strive daily to provide customized service, exceptional engineering, superior manufacturing, and resourceful solutions for each customer, focusing on the unique requirements of each project.

Our team is united, innovative and dedicated. Each employee pursues excellence in each company endeavor and realizes that maintaining the good reputation that took decades to establish depends on them.

We are not content to simply be successful, but strive to set new and higher standards in all that we do.