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custom laser cut sign from TRA Snow and Sun


TRA Snow & Sun offers a comprehensive range of metal laser-cutting services. As the best laser-cutting company in American Fork, Utah, we’ve delivered top-quality industrial solutions since 1996. With our state-of-the-art laser cutting machine, we ensure precision in every project we undertake. You can rely on TRA as your trusted partner to cut steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless!

We guarantee superior results, with all metals meticulously cut and thoroughly inspected. From concept to completion, our laser cutting service allows you to transform your designs into exquisite metal works of art! In addition to laser cutting, we also offer powder coating, making us your one-stop shop for all your custom laser cutting needs. Save time by having your project expertly cut and flawlessly painted at our location!

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At TRA Snow and Sun, we’re dedicated to surpassing the competition in laser cutting! Our commitment to customer care sets us apart, as we recognize the significance of every project, no matter its complexity. With utmost seriousness, we’re responsible for delivering exceptional custom products tailored to your needs. Trust TRA to provide the highest quality laser cutting solutions available!



Metal script words offer elegant, personalized decoration. With a wide range of fonts, galvanized steel letters add a metallic luster that contrasts beautifully with wood and dark colors. Note that laser-cut galvanized steel may have fine scratches due to its industrial nature.

custom laser cut sign from TRA Snow and Sun


Customize metal logos, signs, and more! Personalize your home or business with custom-cut metal signs that beautifully express your organization or family. With TRA, you can personalize any metal signage tailored to your needs and style.

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Make a lasting impression with custom metal signs from TRA Snow and Sun. Your home or business exterior signage speaks volumes to friends and customers, and our personalized metal signs are the perfect choice to leave a memorable impact.

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Receive a complimentary quote for laser-cutting and bring your custom design to life. Our custom metal signs, crafted with love and precision, are guaranteed to bring genuine happiness and exceed your expectations, whether stainless steel or galvanized.
We can also powder coat your custom designs!