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TRA offers a range of custom powder coating services. Since 1996, our expertise as the best powder-coating company in American Fork, Utah, has consistently delivered exceptional results for every project. Our advanced powder coating system boasts a state-of-the-art continuous chain conveyor, offering variable speeds to guarantee flawless coating quality. 

Our system can handle diverse parts and quantities for industrial and small business needs, from single 10ft. items to high-volume production components. You can choose from numerous powder-coating colors for steel, aluminum, and stainless metals. Count on our experienced staff, equipped with extensive knowledge and experience, to provide dedicated assistance throughout your custom powder coating order!

In addition to powder coating, we also offer laser-cutting, making us your one-stop shop for all your custom powder-coating needs. Save time by having your project expertly cut and flawlessly painted at our location!

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TRA Snow and Sun excels in powder coating, surpassing the competition with our exceptional services. With a deep understanding of the significance of every project, no matter its complexity, we’re committed to delivering tailored custom products that meet your exact needs. Trust in TRA’s expertise to provide the finest quality powder coating solutions, ensuring your complete satisfaction!

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Our powder coating service is perfect for vehicles and parts, including suspensions, razors, and motorcycles. We also handle accessories like door handles, roof racks, trim, luggage racks, bed rails, and sidesteps. You can always trust TRA’s exceptional powder coating service!

custom laser cut sign from TRA Snow and Sun


Make a statement with vibrant powder-coated logos and signs! Elevate your unique style and attract potential customers. Do you have a previously painted logos or signs you want to powder coat? We’ve got you covered! Customize your metal logo or sign with our cutting and powder coating services

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TRA will exceed your expectations with stunning, revitalized metal finishes! Our clear powder coat preserves the unique character of each joint while providing excellent protection. We’ll maintain the intricate details while offering top-notch quality. Let us tackle your challenging projects for exceptional results.

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Experience perfection with our advanced powder coating system. Equipped with a variable-speed continuous chain conveyor it guarantees flawless powder coat quality. You can choose from an extensive selection of vibrant colors! We can also laser cut your custom designs!