TRA is offering services of laser cutting & powder coating.  Take advantage of our new state-of-the-art laser cutter and paint booth!  Save time and money by getting your custom project cut and painted at one location.  As each project is unique, we ask that you reach out to us.  For laser cutting & powder coating details, see below. 

Laser Cutting:

Material & Limitations:

a. Material Types & Maximum Thickness:

  1. Aluminum 3/16”
  2. Copper ¼”
  3. Stainless ¼”
  4. Steel ½”

b. Design or cut cannot exceed 5’ x 10’.


Consideration of Each Job:

a. Pricing will vary by the different materials requiring different gas requirements.

b. Design must be completed by customer.  We can draft/draw up designs after the customer has drawn it.  Larger designs may require drafting/drawing fees.

c. Who will provide this material?

  1. Customer can provide the material but storing at our facility needs to be discussed for liability reasons.
  2. Material is only allowed to be here for required timeframe.

d. The thicker the material the less fine detail can be properly applied of etching.

e. TRA will provide samples within reason.


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