Keeping it Simple—Saving Energy at Home

We are all trying to live a little greener, and if you are focused on going green, there are many simple you can use to save energy in the comfort of your own home. Here are a few key ways to really get involved in the green movement and save energy in your everyday life.

A Few Simple TricksAn Unplugged Power Cord

  1. Take Smarter Showers.  By simply switching to high performance shower head and limiting your showers to an average of 10 minutes maximum you can save on both your water and energy bills while also living a little bit greener.
  2. Switch to Cold. When it comes to your weekly laundry, you can save energy and money by simply washing your clothes in cold water.   In fact, 90% of the energy used to wash clothes comes from simply heating the water.
  3. Take Time to Unplug.  We use a ton of energy on appliances that are plugged in but not in use.  By simply unplugging appliances, you can make a huge difference in your energy use.
  4. Cook with Energy Saving in Mind. By simply using the right size pots on the right burners and covering pots while you cook, you can save energy, cook more quickly, and avoid high energy costs.
  5. Utilize the Sun.  Even if you aren’t using solar power, you can still use the sun to save energy.  By opening your blinds on sunny winter days (and closing them on summer days) you can use the sun for heating, and avoid too much heat in the summer.

Make the Change

Living green is as simple as making small changes, so make it your priority today and make the change!

photo credit: j / f / photos via photopin cc