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How to Find a Leak in Your Roof

If you start to notice a dark spot on your ceiling or if you hear incessant dripping, you may have a leak in your roof. If you’ve never had a leak in your roof before, you may be in for a bigger project than you bargained. These steps may help you find the leak and fix it.

  1. Finding the leak can be frustrating. Even though you can see a dark spot on your ceiling, it is important to understand that water could be leaking inside your roof and dripping down the roof line before it manifests itself on your ceiling. Start by getting up on your roof and looking for damaged tiles or dark spots on your roof. You may be able to find an area of damaged tiles that is causing the leak. If you have an attic you may also want to spend a rainy evening in your attic with a flashlight searching for the leak.
  2. Patching may not be your best solution. Patching your roof may temporarily solve your problem but if the material that makes up your roof is deteriorating it is only time before you will have another leak. If you are finding consistent problems with your roof, you will need to have your roof replaced. The longer you wait to have your roof replaced the more expensive it will be.
  3. The southern and western sides of your roof may break down faster than the northern and eastern sides. The southern and western sides are where the sun will be most intense and this intensity can quickly cause deterioration on your roof.

As you are dealing with a leak in your roof, it is important to remember to be safe! Always wear the proper footwear and clothing when on your roof. Take time to make sure that the fix you have for your leak is going to last you for years to come!