solar awning mount on home

How Many Solar Panels are Needed for Your Home?

When installing solar panels, there are many factors that help determine how many panels are needed for a home. Taking these factors into account before installation will help guarantee you have the right number of solar panels installed on your home. Before determining how many solar panels you need, assess these items.

The Climate of Your Region

An area such as Florida will end up having many more sunny days than the Oregon Coast. Before determining how many solar panels your home needs, it is important to assess the area you live in. A professional solar panel installation company will have a better idea as to how many solar panels you will need based on the average sunlight your home receives. This plays a big role in how effective installing solar panels will be in your region, as well as how many will be needed.

Current Energy Usage


Every home is different. Some families use large amounts of power every month while someone who lives alone may not require the same level of power. Assessing your current energy usage is crucial in determining how much power you will use in the future, and thus, how many solar panels are needed for your home. It is best to have a year’s history of your home’s energy use so you can assess it not only at the low points of use, but at the highest points as well.

This assessment becomes the perfect time to analyze your current energy use, and determine if anything can be cut back. Switch from incandescent light bulbs, turn the TV off when it isn’t in use, and work from your laptop instead of desktop. Making these little changes can make a big difference in your energy bill over time.

Sunlight’s Ability to Reach Your Home

Are there large trees surrounding your home? Is your home a rambler surrounded by multi-level buildings? Will your solar panels be facing east, west, north, or south? These are all questions that will affect the sun’s ability to reach the panels. Even if you live in an area with many days of sunlight, it won’t do you any good if this sunlight is blocked. Take this into consideration and determine where solar panels will work best on your home.

Engineered Layouts

Not only do you need to determine the above factors, engineering the racking system for your solar panels is essential as well. By taking these things into account, we can determine the number of solar panels you need, as well as the right racking system for your situation with a warranty. Ensure you’re prepared with the best solar solution for your home.

Before investing in solar panels, ensure you have the right solution for your situation. The right amount of solar panels and the right type of racking system both must be installed correctly. At TRA Snow & Sun, we have racking systems and solar solutions for everyone. Ensure your home is solar ready.