Get Solar Attached “Raising the Roof”


Introducing TRA Snow and Sun’s Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Mounting System – This unique quick and easy Galvanized System can be scaled for a large flat roof module installation. By project design, it will allow a solar array to be tilt in place at a 5-40° angle on a flat roof. The solar ballast racking system is pre-designed with a fixed angle for your unique requesting project. This system highlights the quick and easy functionality by adding concrete blocks directly to ballast pans for flat roof mounting. The special extruded aluminum solar rail plus with our wire management system makes the installation an absolute breeze saving you time and labor cost.

The PERFECT solution for solar installations that don’t want to penetrate either the roof or the ground! Our land powered Ballast mounts rely solely on the weight of the array, the racking system and additional material, like concrete pavers, to hold the array to the roof. Their greatest advantage is the lack of roof penetrations to the building. Keep in mind this doesn’t eliminate the want for operating with a roofing contractor, however it can drastically lessen the coordination required between the roof repairer and the PV installer. But in order to do so, the installation must be coordinated with the unique roof artisan or an approved representative for the roofing producer. Ballasted systems need to be carefully analyzed due to the roof load imposed by the system to preserve the roof warranty.


Benefits of the TRA Solar Ballasted System

  • Save time & money with free pre-engineered design
  • Add additional kWs of PV to a building with limited roof space
  • 5° and 40° Tilt options
  • Integrated Grounding and Wire Management
  • Stackable design for efficient shipping
  • Low pricing structure
  • Up to 150 MPH wind load
  • Cost effective, economical and a fast ROI


Flat Roof Ballasted Solar Mounting System Features:

* F90 Galvanized Steel w/ 6005 Aluminum & SS Fastener

* Mill Finish

* Ballast of Mechanical Attachment

* Roof Slope Pitch 0 – 2:12  



At TRA Snow and Sun, we engineer and layout each project free of charge using many factors specific to your project. We then provide you with; rail spans, max loads on components, wind parameters, solar panel geometry, force per foot on rail and panels, a schematic of the module field, the wind speed, shipping weight, and project details. TRA Snow and Sun representatives will work with you to design the most efficient solar mounting system.

We can design your awning to work with a variety of application. Just give us your project details & we will design your Mounting Solution to fit your project. For more information call Gary Heslington at TRA Snow and Sun at 800-606-8980, [email protected], or visit: