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The History Timeline of Solar Energy

The sun is one of the most powerful energy sources we have available, and that kind of power doesn’t go unnoticed.  Understanding the history of solar power is crucial to relying effectively on the sun for a source of usable energy! 700 BC Way back in 700 BC, the first sunlit fire was created.  Now, […]

Roof Types and Solar Mounting

We have discussed about the benefits of solar panels for your roof when they are properly installed. Many consumers out there wonder how the panels are mounted for the different types of roofs. This is a major concern because this is really the lifeline of your solar panels and if you don’t have the right solar […]

How Solar Installation Affects Your Roof

Most people know that maintaining the roof of their home is an essential aspect of home ownership. With a well maintained roof a homeowner can ensure the home’s longevity, security, and durability. Unfortunately, for those who neglect their home’s roof, the opposite is true. A homeowner who neglects their roof can suffer from destructive water […]