ASTM’s Latest News on Creating Standards for Roof Snow Retention Devices

July 27th, 2020

ASTM’s current standard that is being developed is titled “Standard Test Method for Snow Retention Devices attached to Wood Sheathing”. TRA, a current member of the ASTM task group, is helping the development move along by testing its products per the standard and then providing the task group with the results for analysis. Several hundred test results will be provided over the next several months.

In addition to providing valuable information to the task group, TRA is also benefiting from the process. We are seeing great results and increased values on our Apex snow bracket design, that is being used for the tests. What does that mean? If test results continue, the Apex profile bracket will prove to be a better value for the customer with fewer snow guards required.

Due to Covid-19 concerns, the goal remains the same to have a completed standard ready to submit to the main committee by April 2021.

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