Creating Roof Snow Guard Retention Standards

October 25th, 2018










Terry Anderson, owner of TRA Snow and Sun, chairing a meeting in Washington, DC and webinar of the ASTM Committee for roof snow retention standards. Did you know there are currently NO roof snow retention standards to prevent needless deaths from snow and ice falling off a roof like what happened to a mom and her nine year old son on a skiing vacation at Kirkwood Resort in California last March? That MUST change! He is working hard to fix this issue.

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TRA Snow and Sun knows that it is important to specify snow guard roof snow retention. Snow retention should be as worry free and easy as possible for architects, designers and homeowners. So over the last several months we worked hard with our partners to improve the quality and ease of creating a good, safe, and specific roof snow retention specification.

We are proud to announce that our Division 07 7253 Roof Snow Retention specifications have just been enhanced and updated!

Designers and contractors can read and download the snow guard specifications using MasterSpec or with SpecLink. They can also contact TRA Snow and Sun via phone or through our contact page at anytime and we will e-mail the latest snow guard specifications which can be merged into master specification documents.

With our updated snow guard specifications, designers  have the necessary knowledge base to create the perfect snow retention system for their unique project design. We have made it as easy as ever!

TRA Snow & Sun’s snow guard products provide superior benefits to building designers and contractors because they get a safe SYSTEM, not just a good product. We test and engineer our products based on the components of their specific roof system (snow guard, sheathing, attachment, slope, snow-load, etc.). This dramatically decreases the designer or contractor’s liability!

TRA provides a FREE, no obligation, ENGINEERED LAYOUT within 2 business days – 855-542-1861 or through our site.

Choose from zinc-plated steel, copper or stainless steel. All steel can be powdered coat to match the roof color. Roof types include metal panel, asphalt & cedar shingles, corrugated metal, flat granule metal, simulated slate, single ply, slate, tile & wood shake.