Leave Your Flashing Worries Behind

September 18th, 2018

TRA Snow and Sun has something that every roofer needs “flashing”. It’s a must-have for all roofers. We call it the “roofer’s duct tape”.

The primary reason any type of roofing exists is to provide a protective layer to maintain a barrier between the interior of a building and the weather. How this is accomplished can take many different forms.  When it comes to flashing, there’s nothing proven to work better than TRA Snow and Sun’s flexible aluminum or copper flashing. It adheres to the wall or other roofing structure or tile, is extremely flexible, and adds a professional finish to all roofing projects while being extremely effective at sealing out water and preventing leaks.

VersaFlash and TileSeal are flexible rolled flashing that attach to the surface of the roof with butyl adhesive. Our flashing works like magic for many roofs especially around hard to flash areas! VersaFlash and TileSeal are extremely easy to use on the work site. You can use it in areas like around roof-to-wall abutments, around chimneys and pretty much everywhere else. Plus, it’s competitively priced.

Simply put, TRA Snow & Sun flashing is easy to use, flexible and will save you time and money without sacrificing an inch in quality. There are many reasons you’ll love our Aluminum and Copper VersaFlash and TileSeal Flashing — but once you choose it, you’ll never roof without it again.

TRA Snow and Sun is your number one source for solar mounting, snow retention, flexible ventilation, and flashing material. We offer competitive prices and guarantee our products. Try a FREE SAMPLE of our VersaFlash! Give us a call today at 801-756-8666 for more details, and check out all of our flashing products.