The Vandelay Project

June 29th, 2016

Snow Retention Case Study – Providing Engineered Snow Retention Solutions for HALF THE COST!

TRA Snow and Sun solves problems!  It’s not just our motto to provide Engineered Solutions.  We really DO IT!

On an addition to a home in Northwest Montana with a high snow load (100 psf); how do you retain snow on a cedar shake roof with a 12/12 pitch, whilst keeping it economical, aesthetically pleasing, and in line with the existing design?

After reviewing their options, Vandelay Construction was ready to order from a competitor, but was concerned about the high cost of the snow retention system, so they did one last internet search of roof snow retention.  They found a project with TRA Snow and Sun snow retention in Bozeman, Montana, liked our product and designs, and contacted us.

Using the information the contractor provided to us, we increased the thickness of the copper from the standard ¼” to 3/8” and designed a 3 rail snow retention system (D3H Deck Mount Snow Fence) specific to the project – cedar shake, 12/12 slope, copper, attaching to 16” OC rafters.  Copper was used to match the decorative end caps on the heavy timbers in the construction of the building.

Not only did the homeowners get a beautiful, warrantied system, but OUR SYSTEM WAS HALF THE COST OF OUR COMPETITORS.

We love the result.  See for yourself.



At TRA, we provide Engineered Solutions to all kinds of problems.  Let us help you with your snow retention needs!