Why Decorate? It’s Not Even Christmas!

May 20th, 2016

If you drive by the TRA Snow and Sun manufacturing and office facility at 1657 S. 580 E. in American Fork, Utah, the first thing you will probably notice is the blue metal panel roof.  We like the all-American colors we chose for our company – RED, WHITE and BLUE and we like our building!HPIM0345

Like many manufacturing facilities, we have a metal roof on the production portion and concrete tile over the office section, and at 4500 feet altitude and snow/ice blessing Utah in the winter, we also needed to install snow retention.  We installed snow fences on the metal panels and Snow Bracket B’s on the concrete tile roof over the office, but a little roof decoration was needed!

We chose to enhance the look of the snow retention on our roof and, luckily, TRA Snow and Sun has a way to do that.  Note the MAPLE LEAVES on the snow guards.  These decorations do not impede the function of the snow retention in any way and add that enhanced look that some customers desire.

Maple leaf on TRA roof cropped

We really like them and think they add a nice feature to our roof.  Maybe we should have chosen the BEAR or the MOOSE, but we started making those later.

moose snow guard standing seambear clamp on snow guardtree clamp on snow guard









What do you think?  Should we have used the TREE instead?

Take the survey and let us know which of our decorative enhancements you like best.  Should we make others?