The No Cutting, Hassle Free Solar Tile Mount

February 26th, 2016

Solar Tile Mount

No hassle is bigger for an installer than finding out you have to re-cut tile because it won’t line up. With TRA Snow and Sun Solar Tile Mount, there’s no cutting required, saving you time on your project. Our Solar Tile Mounts are available for low, medium, and high profile tile roofs, and are adjustable for secure attachment to the structural member of the roof. We guarantee a variety of tile mounts, superior strength, and the option for custom made designs.

What Makes Our Solar Tile Mount Unique?

As mentioned above, TRA Solar Tile Mounts are easy to install and don’t require any cutting. Made of high quality, extruded aluminum that diverts the mount around the tile instead of going through it. With not cutting, this type of mount will not compromise the strength of the customer’s tile. In addition, mounts are adjustable up to six inches for easy layout planning and to make installation easier.

How Will The Solar Tile Mount Benefit Me As An Installer?

Tile Mount Hook3We offer a plethora of installation materials and resources to make experience as simple as plan, purchase, and install.

TRA’s cutting-edge tile mounts are:

  –  made of corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum

  –  quick and easy to install

  –  require no cutting

  –  require no special flashing

Solar mounts must be fastened to structural members of the roof, such as rafters, purlins or trusses, and in order for tile pans to line up in the correct locations, are adjustable up to six inches to the left or right.

A Stronger Foundation

Your solar energy system is only as strong as the mounting structure on which it’s built. We guarantee top-of-the-line products, accessories, and fastening systems. Every component is reliable and built to last. Click here to contact us for an estimate and to begin your Solar Tile Mount plan today!