Dangerous! Now’s The Time To Install Snow Retention

November 9th, 2015

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dangerous roof

Dangerous and Possibly Deadly

The snow sitting on your roof during winter is dangerous and can even be deadly. Often compared to an avalanche, snow and ice can come crashing down at any time, wiping out everything in its path. Annual property and personal damages from these incidents is in the millions, but can you place a price on human life? As a home or business owner it is your duty to prevent falling snow from causing damage to your home and business by taking action. If your roof accumulates snow you have two options:
          1. Manually remove the snow from your roof after each heavy snowfall.
          2. Use snow retention devices.

Shoveling the snow off requires you to climb up on the slippery roof and put yourself at risk while you try to balance and work to get the ice and snow off. This is dangerous to the person on the roof, as well as any people potentially walking around underneath the eaves. And it’s very hard work! There is a safer, more effective way that you should implement now.

Snow Retention: Get it Now!

TRAsnow Snow Retention devices are installed directly on your roof to help keep the snow in place. TRA’s engineered roof snow retention systems allows the snow to melt while on the roof. This is the best approach to take in preventing any dangerous accidents from happening.

The best time to install these devices is during summer and fall when the roof is fully dried out and safe to work on, but TRA’s snow retention devices are not attached with glue, so they can be put on even when it’s cold.

After installing this system you will never have to climb on the roof again to shovel snow off. Winter is approaching and now is the time to get your system installed!

There are a number of different kinds of snow retention devices you can put on your roof. They come as  snow guards and snow fences. Each helps out in a different way and should be chosen according to your individual project circumstances. For a full list of what we offer, or to get a FREE layout based on your house or business’ unique design, contact us: (877) 290-8669 or reach us online.