Wow! Beautiful, Noisy Copper! Or is it?

June 29th, 2015

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snow guards for copper roof

Let”s be real honest. What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to a copper roof?

The truth is that copper makes a statement about the owner of the home. It says, “We value quality and we are willing to spend the money to get it.” Copper looks awesome on a roof. It adds a unique Wow! factor to the building. Curb appeal is greatly increased when copper is added. If you want to send a message, use copper on your roof.

We at TRA Snow and Sun frankly love good looking roofs and value our high-end customers! Since copper roofs shed snow quickly and easily and definitely need snow retention, we manufacture snow guards and snow fences that will age and attain that beautiful green patina right along with your copper roof while also providing superior snow retention.

So, if you’re considering a copper roof on all or part of your building, here is a simple list of the benefits and drawbacks of copper on a roof.

Benefitsc21z copper snow guard

• Copper is exquisite looking!
• Copper will increase the value of your home
• Destruction due to fire is rare with a copper roof
• With regular maintenance, copper will outlast most roofing materials
• Copper is lightweight
• Copper reflects the sun’s light and heat. This is a definite benefit as we strive to be energy efficient.
• Copper is recyclable


• Expensive. The copper roof will cost more than most other roofing materials, so be sure to get a qualified roofing contractor with experience installing copper to do the work. As a softer metal, be sure you find experienced hands to work the installation.
• Expansion and contraction of metal due to temperature change can make maintenance more important. Fasteners can become loose. You’ll need regular inspection to be sure everything is water and wind tight.
• Noise from rainfall. This is a contested drawback, one that we’d like your opinion about. Do you have a copper roof? We are told that since most metal roofs are installed over underlayments that deaden sounds, and copper doesn’t resonate like other metals (being much softer), noise from weather isn’t really a factor. What do you think?
TRA Snow and Sun’s products add the same Wow! factor as the beautiful copper panels on your roof. Our designers have gathered the best of engineering and architectural excellence from around the world, including Austria, Norway and Germany, combined that with American ingenuity and created superior and dependable All-American products for roof snow retention.

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