TRA Status Report – Doing Better Than Ever!

June 9th, 2015

TRA Snow and Sun is doing great thanks to an incredible team, our dedication to customer service, manufacturing top-notch products and our wonderful customers!  We are 100% American – all products are made right here in the Good Ole US of A!  We weathered the downturn in construction and have come out on the other side better than ever.

Over the past two years, since going solo with no partners (like we were originally), a lot has improved and we’d like to share some of the stats with you.TRA Snow and Sun Team

Here are some stats about TRA Snow and Sun that might interest you:

  • What is our biggest solar racking seller?

    Our new and improved PowerRail that spans 6 feet which means less roof penetration to attach.   It’s made of extruded aluminum and dependable.

  • What’s the biggest seller in our tile roof ventilation line?

    TileVent – we call it the roofer’s duct tape.  Try it if you haven’t yet.  It’s so handy!  It’s aluminum and comes in a variety of colors to match your roof.

  • What’s the biggest snow retention seller?

    The C22Z snow guard snow fence.  You knew that would be the one, right?  It’s so versatile and dependable on a standing seam metal panel roof!  It has 2 rails, is custom designed to fit standing seam roof profiles, comes pre-assembled with nuts and bolts and is zinc plated or powder coated steel.

  • What’s changed in the TRA Team?

    • Our team members are constantly learning and applying their knowledge to our products, procedures and service. A large portion of our office personnel have college degrees, some have graduate degrees!  Most attend seminars, webinars and trainings consistently throughout the year.  That results in a highly informed, dedicated staff and improved company processes.
    • We have a new and improved website! Let us know how you like it by e-mailing Marketing Director,  Your suggestions are always welcome.

and (BIG DUM ROLL)…….

  • What hasn’t changed?

    • Our dedication to engineering our products from the sheathing up to provide you with a safe system which is unique to the specifics of your project.
    • Our consistent focus on our customers’ specific needs
    • Our constant efforts to improve in every area.