TRA Snow and Sun Provides Support to Architects

March 27th, 2015

TRA Snow & Sun provides architectural specifications for snow guards as a guide for all architects in the planning process.  The specifications can be edited to meet the individual project needs, and can be included on your project’s master plan.

Planning is key when creating quality projects.  We offer a range of services for planning and designing a  snow retention system for your individual project.  These include:

TRA Snow & Sun has been the snow retention expert for over 20 years.  This expertise is based on trips around the world looking for solutions for snow and ice dam problems.  The owner, Terry Anderson,  was enthusiastic and dedicated to finding answers to snow problems, especially related to tile roofs, and it has evolved from there.  Architects and engineers continually come to us for our knowledge and advice.

TRA Snow & Sun has tested and engineered all of their snow retention systems.  Once the project has been designed by us, we will stand behind the design 100%.  All liability concerns will be covered by TRA Snow & Sun.

In addition to our knowledgeable sales and technical teams, we also provide:

  • Installation instructions
  • Videos
  • Specialized drawings
  • Other installation aids to help with installing our products.

Once the design is complete, the sales or engineering team will be available for any concerns, questions, comments, or redesigns that may arise.  We understand that jobsite conditions may vary from plan design.

Our wide range of literature will help you learn more about our products.  These documents and specifications can be easily downloaded from our on-line media center:

You will be able to download and view Product Data Sheets, Customizable Specifications for Snow Guards, Product Drawings, and Installation Details.