The Perfect Time to Install Snow Retention Devices

September 11th, 2013

Snow sitting on top of a roof can be volatile and dangerous. Like an avalanche, you can never be quite sure when it will all come crashing down. In several cases, adults and children alike have been unlucky enough to be underneath the heavy avalanche of falling snow. Many don’t survive, and those that do are often injured by the icy nature of the snow.

The snow has been through several melting-freezing cycles by the time it comes tumbling off your house. It’s no longer the light, fluffy stuff it was when it first fell. It’s dangerous.

If you live in a home that tends to accumulate a lot of snow up top, you have two options. You can either brush it all off or set up a few snow retention devices.bracket 1

Brushing the snow often requires a dangerous adventure to the slippery, slopped roof. Many folks have found this situation to be similarly precarious to standing under an avalanche of falling snow. When done properly, it can protect those that may venture under the eaves of your house. But there is a safer way, and now would be the best time to implement that way on your roof.

Snow Retention Devices

Snow retention devices are pieces of technology you install on your roof to hold the snow there.  With a roof snow retention system, snow and ice drop off in small, harmless quantities or melt completely before falling to the ground, thereby stopping a disaster before it even happens.

They are more commonly installed during the summer and fall months while roofs are dry and safe to ascend to. The best thing is that once they’re installed, you don’t have to get on the roof again during those slippery months to push the snow off. The devices have the same effect without endangering your life.

There are a number of different kinds of snow retention devices you can put on your roof. They come as clips, brackets, rails and fences. Each helps out in a different way and should be chosen according to your individual project circumstances. For a full list of what we offer, check out our snow retention product line.