Did Sliding Snow and Ice Damage Your Roof?

April 16th, 2013

As the snow melts off of your roof, it can be nerve wracking to make the first trip up to the top of your house to assess the damage. With snow and ice sliding on and pulling at your roof all winter, there aren’t many homes that make it into the spring time unscathed.

Throughout the winter time you may notice large icicles forming at the edge of your roof or you may even see sheets of snow hanging off of your roof. The pressure that this snow and ice puts on your roof throughout the winter time can be extremely damaging. This spring, take the time to install a system on your roof that will prevent you from making repairs every spring.

damaged-roof-300x200Sound too good to be true? Stick with us! With a few tweaks and changes you can have a roof that is able to hold on to the snow throughout the winter. That’s right, hold on to the snow. If the snow stays on your roof, rather than melting, sliding, re-freezing and breaking it will simply act as an insulating layer for your roof. This insulating layer on your roof will slowly melt away without causing damage as it melts.

Let us help you keep make the necessary changes to your roof to ensure that snow sticks around throughout the winter and melts off naturally. With the right ventilation system, the right tiles and the right brackets we can be sure that you never have to make that scary trip up to your roof to assess winter damage again!