TRA-MAGE’s New Snow Diamond Snow Fence Is Ready For the Big Storm of 2012

January 11th, 2012

January 11, 2012

While most of the US is still waiting for 2012’s first big snowstorm, TRA-MAGE, Inc. introduces a new solution to snow crashing off roofs – the less expensive and low profile Snow Diamond Clamp-on Snow Fence.sliding snow and ice

TRA-MAGE, INC. used its decades of experience in designing and engineering roof snow retention devices to create the Snow Diamond Clamp-on Snow Fence – a lower profile, less expensive clamp-on snow fence that will keep hundreds of pounds of snow and ice from crashing off a roof.  A roof avalanche is a very dangerous event which happens when snow and ice start sliding off a roof and end up on people or property below.

Devin Hancock, TRA-MAGE Inside Sales Manager, says, “We’ve made heavy-duty snow fences for years and they work great.  But this new design is ideal for areas where you don’t need an industrial strength and heavy looking snow fence.  Its lower profile is esthetically pleasing and it’s 20% less than the standard snow fence.”

Although the company makes snow fences and brackets for all types of roofs, metal roofs provide a unique challenge.  Nailing or screwing anything through a metal panel is generally not a good idea.  So clamping is the preferred method of attachment.  The new Snow Diamond Clamp-on Snow Fence uses lighter weight bars instead of the usual heavier pipes and the clamp is smaller.snow diamond, clamp on snow fence

“The best application for the Snow Diamond Clamp-on Snow Fence is a metal panel roof that has a low snowload,” says Hancock.  What if a homeowner doesn’t have any idea what a “snowload” is or what the “slope” of his roof is?  Local building departments can provide the snowload and according to Hancock, “We’ll design a safe system for our customers’ jobs, large or small, at no extra charge.”

TRA-MAGE, Inc. offers Roof Snow Retention Devices, Solar Mounting Systems and Roof Flashing Solutions.   They provide all customers, from the individual homeowner to the big developer, free engineered designs of all their systems.  For more information call Devin Hancock at 800-606-8980 or visit

At TRA-MAGE, Inc. the engineering makes all the difference.