Why It’s Important to be UL Laboratory Certified on Solar Mounting

Why is it important to be UL laboratory certified on solar mounting

As electricity gained popularity in the late 1800s, it became clear that advanced help would be needed to help maintain safety needs for consumers and contractors alike. Because of this need, UL and other such companies were created to help regulate safety. Take a look at what these regulations mean for consumers, and how you can be sure products you invest in are safe.

What Does UL Certification Mean?

First established in 1894, the UL, also known as Underwriters Laboratories, was born as a result of safety consulting needs. As new technologies were born, new safety measures were needed as previously non-existent problems came to light. With technological advances, safety advances were made as well with the help of the UL. Through the UL, companies were able to be:

  • tested
  • inspected
  • audited
  • advised
  • trained
  • validated
  • certified

All these were provided on a safety level. Everyone from service companies to consumers can be influenced by UL in this way. As electrical technology continues to move full speed ahead, UL will continue to ensure these improvements are safe for all involved. From protecting your home to protecting the contractors who install new technology in your home, UL ensures safety for everyone.

While there are a few different companies that are approved through OSHA to administer these tests, years of experience has established UL as one of the best.

UL Standards

You may not ever realize how much your life is influenced by products which have been tested for safety by UL. For companies that are UL laboratory certified, they must follow safety standards under these categories:

  • Electrical and electronic products
  • Building products
  • Safety standards
  • Industrial control equipment
  • Plastic material
  • Wire and cable

Why to Choose a UL certified company

Technology is rapidly changing. As this technology advances, it’s important to invest in products that meet certain safety requirements. Organizations such as UL ensure technology companies are inspected, tested, certified, and advise those that may not meet the requirements.

Solar energy is just one of many industries served by UL. When choosing the right solar mounting company to fit your needs, finding one that is UL laboratory certified is imperative.

The solar energy industry isn’t new, but it is rapidly progressing. Whether you are investing in solar technology for your home or business, be sure the company you use is certified. This will help you avoid a potentially dangerous install, saving you over the life of your system.

TRA Snow and Sun recently received UL Listing for our photovoltaic flush mount system. This is a benefit to all solar integrators because UL listing certifies that the system is grounded on a 25 Amp capacity.  All purchasers of our flush mount system will now receive an installation manual containing instructions on installing to achieve grounding.

Special thanks to our engineers, marketing and production department for their dedicated efforts to create a grounded system!