Where is Solar Power Being Used the Most?

Solar Power is one of the most promising alternative sources of energy around. The sun gives us enough energy every day to power our cities for years. Should we learn to harness that energy, we could produce clean, sustainable energy for centuries to come.

Scientific advances have given us solar panels. These panels absorb the sun’s rays and transform them into usable energy. Although they are not incredibly efficient yet, they offer a bright ray of sunshine in a world dependent on a quickly depleting source of energy (oil).

solar-panel- solar racking-1-274x300Solar panels have been adopted in many first world countries. They are becoming more populous every day throughout the world.

Germany is listed as the top producer of solar energy in the world. By far, they own the most megawatts of solar power in the world. This country has garnished so much attention because of a tariff incentive. Solar electricity producers are paid extra for their renewable power, drawing them to Germany.

Other parts of Europe are vying for the next top spot. Countries like Spain and Italy are also early adopters interested in spreading the use of solar energy throughout the country.

Wherever there’s an increase in clean, usable technology, you can bet that Japan is all over it. Japan invested $9 billion to encourage solar energy within the country. Much of that went to public schools. Recent tragedies have slowed them down a bit in their development, but you can bet to see them in hot pursuit of solar energy again soon.

The last country to look at is the United States. Although not a global leader, it is still coming up strong. California in particular caught the energy bug. They own over 50% of the solar energy in the U.S. Other states are catching up quick though and it won’t be long until you start seeing these panels everywhere.

Solar energy is the natural energy source of the future. Why dig for energy when it shines down on us every day of our lives? The atmosphere will thank us as we keep more of those harmful chemicals out of the air.