We Wish You a Merry Christmas and We Wish You Safety!


TRA Snow and Sun cares about you.

As a roofing consultant and as a roofing contractor, company founder and president, Terry Anderson, had seen first hand the heartache caused by ice and snow sliding off a roof, sometimes killing people below. He searched all over the world for better ways to prevent such tragedies way back in the early 1990’s.  You can read more about the founding of our company here.

Protecting you has been the goal of both Terry and me from the moment the very first Snow Bracket A was conceptualized.  We are extremely serious about this causing TRA Snow and Sun to always engineer our systems so they don’t fail.

Christmas comes this week and we wish you the happiest of holidays and joyous celebrations even as the US is experiencing the “polar vortex” and the frightening drops in temperature all over the country.  We know from experience what’s coming.  We look outside our window and see frozen everything. It’s inescapable and so are the consequences.

Along with the many best wishes for a happy holiday season,



  • Be careful when you take those lights down in a few weeks.
  • Be wary of gutters that might be slipping away from the eave (caused by ice damming on the roof).
  • Don’t get up on your roof unless absolutely necessary when snow and ice are present, or even frost.
  • Be careful when you slam a door as you exit your house if you don’t have snow retention on your roof!

You and your family are far more important than any task when it’s dangerous out there.  TRA Snow and Sun cares!

                                           We wish you a Merry Christmas!  

                                          We wish you a Happy Hanukkah!

                                             We wish you Happy Holidays!

                                              And we also Wish You Safety!



If so, we can help.


Let us help you when you need to protect from falling snow and ice.  Our engineered layouts are always FREE and so is our assistance designing your snow retention system.  Call us at 855-542-1861.