Using Solar Energy in the Home

There are many people who falsely believe that solar power would be nice if it was more practical, but who believe that the real advantages of solar power are still confined to sci-fi films and future endeavors.  The fact is, however, that practical and beneficial uses of solar power are already available to the general public and those homeowners who are taking full advantage of solar power can attest to its usefulness and effectiveness.home solar power

While there are exciting applications of solar power coming in the future, there are plenty of tangible advantages to integrating solar power into the average home in today’s current market.  Some of the most beneficial uses of solar power in the home include:

  • Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting.  Choosing to use solar energy to power outdoor lighting can be a great way for a first time solar power user to integrate solar power into their home.  The non-intrusive nature of outdoor solar powered lights that come with their own solar panels already installed and attached is a simple and inexpensive way to use the sun for lighting.
  • Solar Water Heating.  Gas bills can pile up with hot water usage, but with the installation of solar panels connected to the home’s water heater, the hot water for the home is warmed by the free energy of the sun.
  • Solar Electricity.  This is the pinnacle of solar power applications in the home.  Solar panels can transform the energy of the sun into all the electricity needed for the home.  With this technology, which is already available for homeowners to invest in, a home can be  completely self-sustaining in terms of electrical power.