TRA Snow and Sun Provides Solar Mounting for Dominican Republic Solar Market

TRA Snow and Sun of Utah Provides Solar Mounting for Banco BHD in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

TRA Snow and Sun, Inc., located in American Fork, Utah, has added another foreign country to its list of out-of-the -USA solar mounting system customers – the Dominican Republic. MPG & Associates completed the 34.8 KW solar panel system using TRA’s elevated mounting system in February 2014

The Banco BHD, located in Santo Domingo (the capital city), is the first project TRA Snow and Sun has done in the Dominican Republic. However, they have worked with other Latin American customers before, engineering and shipping solar mounting systems to the Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

Banco BHD, a commercial bank that is promoting green concepts, decided to take advantage of some government incentives, used TRA’s 10 Degree Elevated Solar Mounting system on a concrete roof. Currently residential and commercial customers in the Dominican Republic can qualify for a 40% percent discount on the investment of panels and inverters, according to Dave Paiewonsky, Vice President of MPG and Associates, which has been operating in the Dominican Republic for 26 years.

solar racking, solar mounting, solar mounting systemsWith the demand for solar photovoltaic (PV) energy across Latin America and the Caribbean poised for explosive growth through 2017*, TRA Snow and Sun was fortunate to get its foot in the door. TRA Sales Representative, Jake Owsley, worked with the project manager and TRA’s engineers to design the solar mounting system, using information provided by MPG. The system was designed to meet wind uplift requirements, wind sheer and download requirements. “This job went very smoothly, going from first contact to completion in three months, which is the way we like to do it. We are happy to provide our systems for another international market.” TRA Snow and Sun states that with the correct information including; roof type, wind speed, slope, building, height, etc. they will engineer a complete layout and design in 48 hours.

The future looks bright for photo-voltaic in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Solar Market Research and Analysis Firm, Solarbuzz, states that “The Dominican Republic aims to get 25 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2025, and to reduce its carbon emissions by 25 percent from 2012 levels by 2030. The nation’s Renewable Energy Law offers financial incentives such as tax exemptions, a feed-in-tariff (FiT) and a national fund for renewable energy.”** Recent Dominican Republic government acceptance of large solar projects, such as a 64MW solar park to be completed in Monte Plata (which will provide electricity to that province) means that they are inching toward their goal to get 25 percent of the country’s energy from renewable sources by 2025.

The Dominican Republic is the second largest Caribbean nation with the second largest economy and is also is the most visited destination in the Caribbean.

TRA Snow and Sun, Inc., located in American Fork, Utah, offers Solar Mounting Systems, Roof Snow Retention Devices, and Roof Ventilation and Flashing Solutions. They provide all customers, from the individual homeowner to the big developer, free engineered designs for all their systems. For more information call Jake Owsley at TRA Snow and Sun at 800-606-8980, [email protected] or visit

MPG & Associates is a 26 year old company based in the Dominican Republic specializing in efficient air conditioning systems, solar energy and electrical works. For more information contact David Paiewonsky at (809) 222-3814; [email protected]

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