TRA Snow and Sun Acquires Remaining TRA-Mage Solar Mounting Products

TRA-Mage has ceased doing business and has sold all remaining solar mounting products to their former partner, TRA Snow and Sun.

As part of the dissolution of TRA-Mage, Inc., TRA Snow and Sun, Inc. has purchased more than $500,000 worth of the remaining TRA-Mage solar mounting products and has offered it at discount to its customers.

single axis solar trackerIn March of 2013, TRA Snow and Sun, (formerly TRA Snow Brackets) and Mage ceased doing business together as TRA-Mage.  All TRA-Mage solar products were shipped to Mage Solar in Dublin, Georgia and TRA Snow and Sun operated like they did before the merger with Mage in 2004. TRA Snow and Sun resumed using its own name exclusively when manufacturing and selling snow brackets, roof ventilation products and solar mounting systems.  Mage, a large corporation based in Germany, chose not to continue the solar mounting business independently.

With the flood of PV from China to the rest of the world and the resulting bottoming out of prices, many solar manufacturers have either been acquired or have undergone major cutbacks.   Mage Holding, with operations throughout Europe and with a large PV plant in Dublin, Georgia (MAGE Solar) has undergone changes in their operations worldwide.  Their Austrian aluminum extrusion company, Mage Sun Fixings, closed its doors in the spring and other sister companies have cut back their scope of business.

Terry Anderson, who resigned as TRA-Mage president in March, but always owned and functioned as president of his original company decided to exclusively run TRA Snow and Sun.  He saw the option to purchase TRA-Mage’s   products as a great opportunity for his customers.  “We purchased 40 mm x 60 mm rails, six single axis solar trackers, attachments, small parts and other inventory at a greatly reduced price and decided this would be a fantastic opportunity to sell quality goods at reduced prices to our customers.  I traveled to Georgia and personally oversaw the repackaging and shipping of the products that had previously been stored in my American Fork, Utah facility.”  Anderson says that some of the solar mounting products were shipped directly to customers from Georgia but a good selection is still available from TRA Snow and Sun’s facility in Utah.

solar rail, mounting railEven at the reduced prices, TRA Snow and Sun will engineer any solar mounting system or snow retention project for free using their in-house engineering department.

TRA Snow and Sun, Inc., located in American Fork, Utah, offers Roof Snow Retention Devices, Solar Mounting Systems and Roof Flashing Solutions. They supply to all types of customers, from the individual homeowner to the big developer and free engineered designs of all their systems. For more information call Jacob Anderson at TRA Snow and Sun at 800-606-8980 or visit