TRA Innovates!

TRA Innovates!

Innovation – “to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.”

TRA’s mission statement says, ” Our team is united, innovative and dedicated” and “We are not content to simply be successful, but strive to set new and higher standards in all that we do.”

Some examples of our innovations:

  • TRA’s very first Snow Guard (Snow Bracket A) was created and patented by founder, Terry Anderson, in response to perplexing issues with concrete and clay tile breaking in snow areas.  His research in Europe, where tile roofs are the standard in cold climates, rather than the oddity,  led to a paradigm shift in the tile industry and the creation of snow retention systems for tile.  (See the book Anderson co-authored – CONCRETE AND CLAY TILE DESIGN CRITERIA FOR COLD AND SNOW REGIONS MANUAL.)
  • The Solar Tile Mount was created in response to issues with wind uplift on solar racking systems using standard mounts on tile roofs. There was a need for a solar tile hook that did not require cutting a concrete tile but also allow for securement to a structural roof member.  Another need was for the rail to sit squarely over the mount.  The result is a mount for tile that is the easiest to install, does not break tile, requires minimal work, and is securely fastened.  The stainless steel tile mount was created in response to customers who needed this type of secure and easy attachment in coastal areas where corrosion and risk due of hurricane force winds is always a factor.
  • TRA’s Clamp-on brackets for snow fences were designed to avoid a problem seen frequently – a clamp tearing off of the standing seam metal roof due to the weight of snow and ice.  TRA’s EZ Solar Mount Clamp On innovation  supports the rib, instead of causing it to twist due to snow and ice weight.  One side attaches under the hem of the panel and one side is always in contact with the surface, not floating above it.
  • To create optimum capture of sunlight, TRA responded to customer desire for easy to install solar mounting frames that are pre-assembled and designed for north facing roofs. The frames, although installed on the north, face south due to this innovative approach.  Other similar frames allow for this method on east and west facing roofs, causing the panels to the south.

We take this mission seriously and ask for your help in helping us solve your problems.  Some of our most successful products are the result of questioning the standard,  doing the research  and responding to the needs of our customers.

TRA Snow and Sun is always anxious to help solve your problems.  Contact us if you have a difficult solar racking, roof snow retention or roof ventilation issue.  (877) 290-8669.