The Power of the Sun

The world has relied on fossil fuels for energy for so long that it is having a detrimental effect on the planet. More efforts are being made to create clean energy, and one of those includes harnessing the power of the sun. The sun has enough power to create all the energy we need for billions of years – and here’s how:

What is the Sun?Sun

The sun mostly consists of 71% hydrogen and 21.7% helium. It is the closest burning star to Earth that is so powerful its gravitational pull keeps the planet in orbit, despite being almost 100 million miles away. We can also feel its heat every day, and it still keeps us alive in the winter.

How Can We Use It?

Mankind has been using the power of sun long before any solar panels were invented. Crops have been grown through its power for centuries, but scientists have realized that power can be used for more than plants.

Solar cells have been created to build up solar panels which capture the sunlight and translate it into electricity. According to GE, 100 square miles of solar panels would capture enough of the sun’s energy to power the entire U.S. Thanks to advancing technology every day, we are on the right path to harnessing that level of energy and power.

Start a sun-harnessing journey of your very own by checking out TRA Snow and Sun’s solar mounting checklist here and this video that demonstrates the power of the sun.