Why Snow Should be Kept On Your Roof

When you think about snow building up on your roof during the winter time, is your gut reaction to find a way to get the snow off of your roof? If it is, you are not alone but you are wrong. You may think that we are being bold, but stick with us. Shedding the snow throughout the winter can be detrimental to your roof and dangerous to anyone near your roof.

Most roofing consultants suggest that roofs are built in a way that sheds the snow and ice off of the roof throughout the winter months.  If you build a roof that pushes large volumes of snow and ice off of your roof, you will probably find that as the snow and ice scrape across your roof it will cause damage.

Single-and-Double-Rail-Clamp-On-Snow-Fence-Nita-Lake-Lodge-Whistler-Canada-2011-3-300x225Not only does the sliding and scraping cause damage to your roof, but the ice dams can also cause damage.  Have you heard of an ice dam? If not, we can be pretty sure that you have at least seen one. An ice dam is a buildup of ice that occurs as snow is pushed down the roof, but does not quite make it off of the roof.  The snow starts to melt and then refreeze. You can see that the ice extends farther than the roof and as it builds up, it puts even more pressure on the edge of your roof.

To stop ice dams from developing and to snow the snow load from scraping and pulling at your roof, you must stop the movement. Interestingly, once you stop the movement of ice and snow you will also find that the snow acts as an insulator for your home.

When your attic is ventilated properly, you can assure that the snow keeps your warmth inside of your home. It may seem counter intuitive that extra snow on your home will keep it warmer, but it’s true. As we work with you to develop a more effective snow retention plan for your roof we will ensure that your roof is safer to be around throughout winter months, that the snow will insulate your home and that your roof will not endure as much stress, that results in damage, next snow season.