Why is Metal Snow Retention Better Than Plastic?

Every once in a while a customer will ask us why they should purchase our metal snow retention rather than the plastic ones they see. We typically don’t like plastic snow guards for many reasons.

The first reason is because of the type of adhesive used to attach plastic snow guards. Through our testing, we have found that failure exists when freeze-thaw temperature is introduced to the adhesive.
The second reason, they crack and deteriorate when continuously exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet light (UV). See the images below.
The third reason, manufacturers don’t warranty failure when the plastic snow guards pull apart from the adhesive.
From all of these reasons this why metal snow retention is a much wiser choice!


plastic vs TRA

TRA Metal Clamp-on vs Plastic Guards


Most plastics eventually become brittle when exposed to the sun.

Because of its tough nature, metal can withstand the sun’s destructive UV rays. Over time plastic will crack and deteriorate when continuously exposed to the sun.


Cracked, Brittle and Broken “Plastic Snow Guards”


TRA’s metal snow retention systems are attached securely using a variety of durable and strong mechanical methods.

Unlike metal, plastic snow guards are usually attached to a roof using caulking, which is likely to fail for the following reasons:

  • If the roof is dirty or wet when installing this makes the adhesive not adhere properly. When have you ever seen a truly clean roof?
  • More common than not snow guards are installed at temperatures below 40 degrees.
  • Caulking cure time can be more than 30 days above 40 degrees.
  •  Over time plastic will crack & deteriorate when continuously exposed to the sun UV.


1 rail snow guard for metal roof

TRA C21Z Clamp-on with Ice Flags 


Unlike plastic, metal lasts.

Plastic snow retention manufacturers generally do not warranty the attachment just plastic snow guard. If a plastic snow guard fails, the architect or contractor becomes liable for the damage to property /or human life.

Next time you are near a roof with plastic snow guards, see if any are missing and let us know!

We recommend only metal snow retention because we know it can properly protect those in and around your home. For extra protection, we engineer from the sheathing up with the fastener and provide a warranty on the entire snow retention system. Before installation, we engineer a specific layout to see that the system is exactly what you need for your specific location and weather. Contact us with any of your project details and we’ll provide you with the best snow defense system that’ll get you ready for winter.


Thanks to you, our customers

tra snow and sun

The first goal I had when establishing TRA was to prevent injury and needless death to people by creating snow guards that would not fail.  I wanted to be sure dangerous avalanches of snow and ice could be stopped by engineering each snow retention project.  That original objective of safe, dependable, complete systems has carried over to all products we manufacture – solar mounting products, flexible ventilation and snow retention.  Thank-you for your trust in us as we work with you to continue this paramount objective of safety and dependability.

I hope that we are doing a good job in our mission:

  • To offer the highest quality snow retention, solar mounting systems, flexible roof flashing and ventilation products made from superior materials that provide the ultimate in protection, durability and dependability.
  • We strive daily to provide customized service, exceptional engineering, superior manufacturing, and resourceful solutions for each customer, focusing on the unique requirements of each project.
  • Our team is united, innovative and dedicated. Each employee pursues excellence in each company endeavor and realizes that maintaining the good reputation that took decades to establish depends on them.
  • We are not content to simply be successful, but strive to set new and higher standards in all that we do.

As the owner of TRA Snow and Sun, I am responsible for the quality of our products, the service to our customers, and the care of our employees.  Each of these things is supremely important to me, but none are possible without YOU.  The customized service that we provide is dependent on YOU, our customer, working closely with us to engineer systems which are superior and dependable.  Each project is unique and we appreciate your efforts to make your individual project the best possible.

In this time of Thanksgiving, I thank YOU for the opportunity to provide the world with dependable roofing systems.  Thank YOU for your partnership and your trust in TRA Snow and Sun.

Please contact me at any time.  I welcome your suggestions and ideas.

Terry E. Anderson



Retro-fit Snow Retention. What to do?

One of my older relatives used to say, when confronted with a dilemma, “What to do, what to do….”  It made me chuckle!

But, this phrase describes a dilemma for people confronted with snow and ice avalanching off their already installed roof.  They want to keep the snow up there

snow clips, snow guards, snow bracket

rather than down there

Snow Avalanche Off A RoofFalling Snow in Park City, UT

but what is the best solution?

First of all, retrofit is similar as well as different from new construction.  Basic questions need to be answered for new and retrofit construction.

  • What is the slope?
  • What is the snowload in the area?
  • What type of roofing product is being used?
  • What type of sheathing is under the roofing material?

For retrofit, snow retention installers don’t have the luxury of applying the snow retention devices as the roofing material is installed in a new project.  This is when “What to do, what to do…” might be heard under their breath!

How do you keep snow and ice from falling off while also maintaining a water-tight system when the roofing is already on the roof?  How hard is it to do this?

Contractors need a simple and effective solution.

For asphalt shingles, simulated shake, and other similar roofs, using TRA’s H Snow Bracket, there is no need to pull back the headlap to install a device. Butyl or caulking can be applied on the surface of the roofing product, then the bracket is installed directly into the sheathing using screws.  A clip is then placed over the screws.


Snow Bracket H

Easy.  Effective.

The reason this system will work on retrofit is because TRA’s engineering is done using the specific factors as mentioned above.  When installed using the engineered layout, the roof will now hold back the snow and ice that would have fallen off, damaging people or property below.

At TRA Snow and Sun, we help you find an Engineered Solution.  Call us for a free layout, provided within 2 working days.

Snow Bracket H

Designed for most roof types

Available with or without fastener cover clip

Can be powder-coated to match roofing material

Available in 16 g steel, 48 oz copper, 26 g Cor-Ten, 16 ga stainless steel, .063″ aluminum

Finishes – Electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, mill finish aluminum, copper or Cor-Ten

Power-coating available in many colors.

A Must-Have For All Roofers

MAGE-Flex am Dach


TRA Snow and Sun has something that every roofer needs: Flashing. It’s a must-have for all roofers. We call it the “roofer’s duct tape”.

The primary reason any type of roofing exists is to provide a protective layer to maintain a barrier between the interior of a building and the weather. How this is accomplished can take many different forms, when it comes to flashing, there’s nothing proven to work better than TRA Snow and Sun’s flexible aluminum or copper flashings. It adheres to the wall or other roofing structure or tile, is extremely flexible, and adds a professional finish to all roofing projects, while being extremely effective at sealing out water and preventing leaks.

VersaFlash and TileSeal are flexible rolled flashing that attach to the surface of the roof with butyl adhesive. Our flashing works like magic for many roofs especially around hard to flash areas! VersaFlash and TileSeal are extremely easy to use on the work site. You can use it in areas like around roof-to-wall abutments, around chimneys and pretty much everywhere else. It’s super easy to work with and competitively priced.

Simply put, TRA Snow & Sun flashing is easy to use, flexible, and will save you time and money without sacrificing an inch in quality. There are many reasons you’ll love our Aluminum and Copper VersaFlash and TileSeal Flashing — here’s why once you choose it, you’ll never roof without it again.

Why Choose VersaFlash and TileSeal Flashing?

We don’t call it the “roofer’s duct tape” for nothing. VersaFlash and TileSeal are extremely flexible, stretchy material that can be used to seal roof-to-wall abutments, chimneys, and basically anything you can think of. It’s very easy to work with so you can get the job done right the first time.

Conforms to Many Roof Types
A roofer looking for a go-to roofing adhesive needs to look no further than our VersaFlash or TileSeal. Our flashing will conform to most types of roofs including, but not limited to:
• Tile (clay or concrete)
• Asphalt Shingles (primer needed)
• Wood Shingles and Shakes (primer needed)
• Slate
• Metal (copper, steel, aluminum, tile)
• Fiber Cement

Leave all of your flashing repair worries behind. Our flashing is highly durable, flexible, and weather resistant. It stretches up to 33 percent, conforms easily to roof surfaces, and installation is easy. If you want a durable roofing flashing that won’t give you problems down the road, our flashing is the gold standard. To top it all, TRA Snow and Sun offers a 25-year limited warranty.

TRA Snow and Sun is your number one source for solar mounting, snow retention, flexible ventilation, and flashing material. We offer competitive prices and guarantee our products. Give us a call today at 877-290-8669 for more details, and check out all of our flashing products at

OSHA, Silica Dust and the Roofing Contractor



tile cutting


TRA Snow and Sun makes products specifically designed to help with solar mounting and flashing needs on tile roofs and we are always concerned about safety for building owners and the roofing contractors who install our products.

Recently a new Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a “final rule to curb lung cancer, silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and kidney disease in America’s workers by limiting their exposure to respirable crystalline silica.” This new ruling will impact all contractors who cut tile roofing products.

Silica is a natural mineral present in large amounts in many construction materials like concrete roof tiles manufactured in the US by companies. It is broken into very fine dust (also known as Respirable Crystalline Silica or RCS) during common tasks such as cutting for valleys, hips, and when installing solar mounting.

Regularly breathing in this dust can cause serious lung disease like silicosis and lung cancer. Hundreds of deaths have been associated with silica dust absorbed into the body in this way.

OSHA’s new standards, taking effect June 23, 2016 (with a one year implantation requirement for construction work), will require roofers to either use water or ventilation to manage dust or provide respirators in high exposure areas: The Key Provisions of the ruling:

“Reduces the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for respirable crystalline silica to 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, averaged over an 8-hour shift.

Requires employers to: use engineering controls (such as water or ventilation) to limit worker exposure to the PEL; provide respirators when engineering controls cannot adequately limit exposure; limit worker access to high exposure areas; develop a written exposure control plan, offer medical exams to highly exposed workers, and train workers on silica risks and how to limit exposures.”

TRA Snow and Sun supports efforts to protect the health of roofers, however, using a wet saw on a roof means other risks including danger from hoses on the work surface and slip and fall hazards caused by water. For this reason, we support testing and respirators instead and a further review by OSHA.

For more information on this issue visit the National Roofing Contractors’ Association press release on this ruling.

Remember, also, that we make solar tile mounts that are installed WITHOUT CUTTING tiles. (See more about that here.)




Solar on tile roofs is become increasing popular in many parts of the US as the insulative and life cycle cost of tile combined with the benefits of converting sunshine into electricity is recognized. There are markets in Arizona and parts of California where tile makes up 90% of the systems installed. As the population continues to grow throughout, so does the diversity of preferences of roofing applications. As we start to see more and more clay and concrete tile roofing solutions, in some cases installing solar on  tile presents some challenges that are not inherent with the standard shingle roofs. As demand for tile solar mounting increases so does the time spent on cutting tile.


Our Solar Tile Mounts Require NO CUTTING Of The Tile & They Are Adjustable Both Horizontally & Vertically With A Height Up To 6”. They Can Be Attached To The Truss Or Rafter With No Tile Cutting Needed! 


Tile Mount Hook

Our high-quality material extruded aluminum and divert the mount around the tile instead of going directly through the tile, which decreases install time, and doesn’t compromise the strength or coverage of the customer’s tile. The wide base of the hook makes the mount very easy to adjust. The new tile hook allowed for fast and easy installation. It also helps increase the longevity of our micro-inverters. *Also available in black anodized.

Tile Mount Hook2Tile Mount Hook3

The Perfect Foundation for Solar Systems when it comes right down to it, a solar system is only as good as its mounting structure. That’s why when you need the highest quality roof mounting accessories and fastening systems, you turn to TRA Snow and Sun. Built to last. Built to be reliable. Each and every component in our solar tile mount creates a perfect foundation for your solar systems.

Solar Tile Mount

  • Available for flat, mid and high profile
  • Adjustable for secure attachment to the structural member of the roof.Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Quick and easy to mount
  • Decrease Labor– No cutting of the tile required
  • Requires no special flashing


  • 6005A-T6 Aluminum / 6005A-T5 Aluminum
  • Mill finish
  • Black Anodized (upon request)


Solar Tile Mount has been tested from the fail point of the system.


In making the preferred distance needed to provide the necessary spacing of the micro-inverters and modules so that they are kept at a relatively low temperature, increasing their longevity, while bringing down the costs due to equipment failure. Installation was fast, meaning less cost passed on to the customer.

Tile Mount Hook4 Sol-Up-St-George-7-Solar-Awning

At TRA Snow and Sun, we engineer and layout each project free of charge using many factors specific to your project. We then provide you with; rail spans, max loads on components, wind parameters, solar panel geometry, force per foot on rail and panels, a schematic of the module field, the wind speed, shipping weight, and project details. TRA Snow and Sun representatives will work with you to design the most efficient solar mounting system.

We can design your awning to work with a variety of application. Just give us your project details & we will design your Mounting Solution to fit your project. For more information call Ben Anderson at TRA Snow and Sun at 800-606-8980,, or visit:

Benefits of Corrugated Steel Roofs

Every homeowner has one large decision to make concerning the composition of their home.  This major choice is determining the roofing material they will use on the roofs of their home.

Choosing your roof

The roof of a home is one of the most important aspects for the overall protection and shelter of the home itself, and as such the roof needs to be durable, functional, and cost effective.  While there are many different options for homeowners to choose from when deciding on what type of roofing material to use, one of the best options is steel roofing or corrugated steel roofs.

Why corrugated steel roofs?2 Rail Clamp-on Snow Fence, Colorado 2

Many times and for various reasons, corrugated steel roofs are not thought of as a viable option by homeowners, but those who completely disregard corrugated steel roofing for their home are losing out on a roofing material that provides some great advantages.  Steel roofs hold many benefits but a few of the most advantageous include the following:

  • Longevity. Steel roofs are among the longest lasting roofing material on the market.  They are so long lasting, in fact, that often a homeowner will only need to install the new roof once unlike other roofing materials that need to be replaced every twenty years or so with multiple repairs along the way
  • Durability.  If the steel is galvanized, as most steel roofs are, than they are less prone to rust and completely resistant to rot, again unlike other shingle materials.

These are just three of the main advantages of having a corrugated steel roof installed on the home.  Homeowners should strive to learn all they can about steel roofing and its multiple other advantages before making the final decision on which roofing type to place atop their homes.

Why Snow Should be Kept On Your Roof

When you think about snow building up on your roof during the winter time, is your gut reaction to find a way to get the snow off of your roof? If it is, you are not alone but you are wrong. You may think that we are being bold, but stick with us. Shedding the snow throughout the winter can be detrimental to your roof and dangerous to anyone near your roof.

Most roofing consultants suggest that roofs are built in a way that sheds the snow and ice off of the roof throughout the winter months.  If you build a roof that pushes large volumes of snow and ice off of your roof, you will probably find that as the snow and ice scrape across your roof it will cause damage.

Single-and-Double-Rail-Clamp-On-Snow-Fence-Nita-Lake-Lodge-Whistler-Canada-2011-3-300x225Not only does the sliding and scraping cause damage to your roof, but the ice dams can also cause damage.  Have you heard of an ice dam? If not, we can be pretty sure that you have at least seen one. An ice dam is a buildup of ice that occurs as snow is pushed down the roof, but does not quite make it off of the roof.  The snow starts to melt and then refreeze. You can see that the ice extends farther than the roof and as it builds up, it puts even more pressure on the edge of your roof.

To stop ice dams from developing and to snow the snow load from scraping and pulling at your roof, you must stop the movement. Interestingly, once you stop the movement of ice and snow you will also find that the snow acts as an insulator for your home.

When your attic is ventilated properly, you can assure that the snow keeps your warmth inside of your home. It may seem counter intuitive that extra snow on your home will keep it warmer, but it’s true. As we work with you to develop a more effective snow retention plan for your roof we will ensure that your roof is safer to be around throughout winter months, that the snow will insulate your home and that your roof will not endure as much stress, that results in damage, next snow season.