Solar Panels Aren’t as Painfully Expensive as They Used to Be, Says Someone Who Really Does Know


Solar energy is a topic that most everyone with a home has entertained at one point or another.  But everyone gets hung up on how expensive somebody who  “knows” says it is.  Do they really “know?”

Listen up, homeowners!  Here are the stats!

No longer is the price as astronomical!  Let’s take you on an update tour of how solar has taken off the last few years and see the likely future of Photovoltaic (PV) solar energy in the US and the state.

The bottom line is that the cost of installing solar isn’t going to gouge your wallet like it used to.    Prices have been going down since 2007 when they were nearly at a sky rocketing average of $8.00 a watt.  As of the end of the third quarter of 2014,  the cost had dropped more than $5.00 a watt, coming in at an average of just $2.71 – an almost 70% DECREASE in cost!

The number of solar projects in the United States is on  a steady incline as well with over 5,000 mega watts installed in 2013, and when final numbers are in for 2014, we expect to have exceeded 6,500 mw installed.  This rise is expected to continue to to hit 12,000 mw by the end of 2016.

There are roughly 36 companies in the state of Utah certified to install PV systems and most have a waiting list to install solar panels. How long of a waiting period are you going to have when/if you make a decision to get solar panels on your home?




Up to $2,000 in Utah Solar Energy Tax Credits could be given to you if you install your system here in Utah  with additional potential Federal Solar Tax Credit from the federal government.  We are talking about up to 50% of your solar energy system paid for by the government!  This is just another reason to get yourself into the solar market as soon as you can.  These credits are first come first serve every year.  Now is the time to try to get them before they are gone.


  • Utah installed 3 Megawatts of energy in 2013 (2014 figures not totaled yet.)
  • Over 18 megawatts are currently installed in the state
  • Prices have fallen 28% from 2012-2013
  • Major corporations and school districts are installing solar panels including new projects at IKEA & Odyssey Elementary School (Davis District)
  • There are 910 jobs currently created by solar installers


TRA Snow and Sun has been involved in the solar industry since 2003 designing and creating new and efficient ways to install these panels onto YOUR roof.  We manufacture the top of the line and most customer supportive solar mounting and racking systems in the nation.  With our many years of experience in roof accessories, we are excited for the market to continue to climb and are looking forward to helping solar installers and end-users get the most for their energy dollar.

For more information on tax credits and incentives please visit your local state website.  For quick facts feel free to check out