Solar Myths Debunked

With all of the myths concerning solar power and solar panels, we felt it was time to start debunking some of the most common myths.  A few of the most common myths concerning solar power include the following:

1)      Myth: “Solar power is in its infancy.  I should wait for better technology.”  solar panels 2

Answer: While other technologies designed for consumers receive updates seemingly every month, solar technology has been around for decades with little to improve upon because of the efficiency and effectiveness of solar panel designs.  Waiting for new solar power tech could mean a long wait without receiving the already present and valuable benefits.

2)      Myth: “I agree that solar power could be beneficial, but if I install solar panels on my home then I will have a harder time selling the home in the future.”

Answer: Homes with solar panels already installed are actually sold at up to twice the rate as those homes without panels installed, according to a study done by the federal Department of Energy.

3)      Myth: “Solar power does not work in areas that get a lot of snow.”

Answer:  While it is true that a solar panel will stop producing energy if completely covered by snow, the likelihood of that happening is far lower than people think.  TRA’s new Elevated Formed Frame Ballasted System is more than 1 foot off the roof surface, so the snow slips off and doesn’t block the panel. The faceplate of solar panels is made from glass, which means that snow is far less likely to stick to the panel than the roof of the home.  In addition, the panels are placed on the side of the home that will receive the most amount of sunlight as to give the best performance and will thus be more likely to melt covering snow away with greater speed.

Hopefully this has cleared up a few of the doubts that you may have concerning solar power and its vast potential for good.  We encourage you to leave comments about other solar myths you have heard and we will do our best to give factual answers to those as well!