Why Solar Mounting?

All solar panel mounts produced by TRA Snow & Sun are easy to install, manufactured in the United States, corrosion-resistant, engineered and tested.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do your products and services benefit me as installer?

  • Easy Assembly
  • Quick Shipping
  • Quotes within 48 hours
  • High Quality Parts
  • Engineered and Tested Solutions

What roof types can your solar mounting solutions be installed on?

Flush Mount – Shingle solutions are made to work with a variety of roof types including; shingle, shake, slate and other similar roof types.

Flush Mount – Standing Seam solutions are custom made to fit the standing seam profile.

Flush Mount – Tile are made to fit flat, mid and high profile tiles.

What are the torque requirements for the Standing Seam Solar Mount Clamp On’s?

15 ft lbs. is recommended. Learn more about installing our Solar Clamps here.

How do I install your Solar Tile Mounts?

You can view our Solar Tile Mount Installation Manual by clicking on the installation tab here.

How much does it cost to install your solution?

Quotes generated by TRA Snow and Sun are based on our list price for our solar mounting solutions. Each project is unique and brings in a variety of factors that TRA Snow and Sun cannot give an accurate estimate for the installation.

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Can I do it myself?

Ok, you can! However, are you an certified installer who has been through training to know what the roofing codes are and been certified as an ASCF installer?  This installer understands the warrants of a roof and what happens when you penetrate a roof. Do I lose my warranty I have on my roof? What happens when a person tells you they can install this for you, but does not understand codes and regulations?  When it rains and you discover a leak in your house what should you do?

Always use an engineered system from TRA who will engineer your project and adheres to all codes and certifications to ensure your roof will last a long time.  And we recommend finding a certified installer.

Why do I need to engineer my project?

In order for your solar solution to operate with excellence you need to take many aspect into consideration; wind speed, roof slope, ground snow load, roof layout, building codes, etc. That is why TRA Snow and Sun offers free engineered layouts to ensure operational excellence. Plus TRA Snow and Sun carries a full warranty when your project has been engineered by their technical department.

Learn more about our engineering.

How much space do I need to leave between the modules?

TRA Snow and Sun’s mid clamps provide the necessary clamping pressure on the panels and also acts as spacers, holding each module 1″ apart. Our mid-clamps are larger and wider than our competitors to fit all modules.

How do your rail connectors work?

Both fixed and flexible connectors are easy to use and install. All rail connectors are extruded aluminum, they slide easily into the rail segments you wish to join together. The rail connector is then set in place with socket head cap screws.

How far can your rails span between attachments?

TRA Snow and Sun’s technical department will answer these question as you submit a solar mounting checklist for your project. It is determined based on how you answer the following ; what panel you use, what is the  roof slope, the wind speed, the snow load and more.

What do the different roof zones mean?

The three roof zones refer to different areas on the roof as defined in ASCE 7-05. Higher wind loads prevail around the corners and edges of the roof and this must be taken into account in determining the required strength of the system.

Interior Zone – Zone 1 

Refers to the largest section of the roof that is at least a certain distance (usually 3 ft.) from the edge (ie. rake, eave, ridge) of the roof. This area subsequently has the lowest wind loads.

End Zone – Zone 2

Refers to the edges of the roof that are withing a certain distance (usually 3 ft.) of the edge of the roof.

Corner Zone – Zone 3

Refers to the corners where the edges overlap. These are sections that are withing a certain distance (usually 3 ft.) of two separate edges of the roof (i.e. section that is within 3 ft. of a rake and 3 ft. on an eave.) Solar panels installed on these sections will have to support the highest wind load on the roof.

Please refer to TRA Snow and Sun’s sales team to receive a chart.

Is flashing required for your product?

Flashing is not required but highly recommended for flush mount solutions to ensure a leak-free roof. TRA Snow and Sun’s flashing fits over the roof mount fasteners while sliding under the roofing material to maintain the water tightness of the roof.

Can I buy direct from TRA Snow and Sun?

TRA Snow and Sun products are sold direct to integrators, contractors, electricians, etc.