Roofing Safety Tips

For all of those homeowners thinking about climbing onto your roof to get some work done, don’t head up there just yet until you’ve reviewed a few important safety tips. Many have been hurt and several have received fatal injuries when they disregarded the fundamentals of roof safety. Stay safe on your roof this weekend by following these four safety tips.

Use a Roof HarnessRoofing Safety Tips

It may seem inconvenient. You might be up there for just a few minutes. The roof could be dry. You may have the stickiest boots on the market. You have probably done it a thousand times. That doesn’t mean that nothing can happen this time.

Even careful people slip sometimes. Purchase and properly use a roof harness whenever you clamber onto your roof. It’s not worth your life to forego the extra safety.

Keep Your Roof Area Clean

Your work area is dangerous enough as it is, so don’t allow little obstacles sneak under your feet to make you slip. Sweep off any debris already on your roof before you get to work. Once at work designate a specific area for all your tools. Make sure that area is outside of your walking area so you don’t accidentally step on them either.

Inspect Your Ladder and Set it Up Safely

Make sure your ladder is in perfect working order before you use it. Many are seriously injured every year because they used a broken ladder.

Once you know it’s in good working condition, set it up on level, solid ground. Set it at a place that will reach a foot or two above the lip of the roof. Attach safety loops from the top rungs onto secure locations on the roof to keep it from tipping backwards.

Only the Best Conditions

Only climb to the roof under the best conditions. If it’s wet, windy, the roof is damaged, etc., wait. Wait for bad weather to pass, let things settle before you try to get up there. If the roof is damaged, then get a professional up there to fix it before you try yourself.

Roof safety is paramount, because the consequences of a fall are dramatic. Keep yourself safe while you explore your hand at roof maintenance.

photo credit: Sheriagogo via photopin cc