Roof Types and Solar Mounting

We have discussed about the benefits of solar panels for your roof when they are properly installed. Many consumers out there wonder how the panels are mounted for the different types of roofs. This is a major concern because this is really the lifeline of your solar panels and if you don’t have the right solar mounts, you are in for a rude awakening. Here at TRA, we have several different methods for installing solar panels and take different approaches depending on the roof. Here are some of the mounting techniques we use for different roofs.

Standing Seam Metal RoofsStanding Seam Metal Roof

Homeowners who are looking for strength and durability will often turn to a seam metal roof. These roofs are often used for commercial buildings because they are so strong and durable. They may be more expensive than composition shingles, but in the long-run they often pay off. The seam metal comes in rolls that can be site-formed or preformed in a factory in order to fit the roof. When we see a roof like this, we tend to use our solar flush mounts that are custom made to fit the standing seam profile. This helps maintain the integrity of the rib/seam.

Our solar flush mounts are customized to fit the specific profile of a given seam metal roof as they can have different profiles. The mounting includes an under the hem clamping and bolting to give adequate support for panels. No matter what standing seam metal roof you have, we have the mounts that you need.

Shingles and Slate

Most homeowners use asphalt shingle, slate, or some form of wood shake. Because of this, we have a specific solar flush mount that maintains roofing standards while providing sufficient support for solar panels that are installed. With minimal penetration and customized mounts, we are able to secure panels on any shingled or slated roof.

It may seem simple, but the minimal penetration is extremely important especially when you know you are going to have to reroof eventually. While these mounts are completely secure, they can be taken out in during the reroofing process, which makes them an important innovation for any shingled roof homeowner.

Tile RoofsSolar Tile Mount

For those in warmer climates, tile roofing may be very popular. Haciendas and Mediterranean style homes are popular in some of the sunnier areas of the world. These locations are also prime for solar panels. The way we mount solar panels on tile roofs doesn’t require any cutting or special flashing, so the labor isn’t nearly as extensive. In fact, tile roofs are one of simplest roofs to secure mounts. Our solar tile mounts are adjustable to 6 inches which allows easier installation and you can be sure that these corrosion-resistant mounts will last!

Enjoy the sunny Mediterranean lifestyle with your tile roof without worrying about whether your solar panels are secure or not. TRA can install your panels with state-of-the-art mounts that will keep your solar energy running for years!

Why you should get the Right Panels Mounts

You may wonder why it even matters what kind of mounts you have. One thing you will soon learn when you start talking to a TRA agent, is that we take weather serious. Our goal is to make it so your solar panels last as long as possible. These are big investments and the right panel mounts are simply insurance. Every roof is different and mounts need to address those differences effectively if they are going to secure your panels properly.

Solar Panel Mounts for Any Roof!

There are many different roof types out there and here at TRA we know that there is no one-size-fits-all in the solar panel industry. It can be intimidating trying to figure out what is best for your solar panels when there are hundreds of companies out there telling you the way to do it. If you are trying to find the right solar panel mounts or system that is right for your roof type the professionals at TRA can help you along the way. You will find a state-of-the-art mount that is specifically designed for your roof. Give us a call today and we will help you secure your solar panels the right way!